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Rib crown with raisin and hazelnut filling

Rib crown with raisin and hazelnut filling

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First preheat the oven to 6 or 200 degrees.

The pork ribs, without fat, are scraped over a length of 4 cm. to strip them of their flesh. We then prick them from place to place and bread them with the garlic pieces. Sprinkle with olive oil and salt and freshly ground pepper to taste. We place in a tray, the two pieces of ribs, in the shape of a circle with the meat inwards, thus obtaining a crown from the ribs, with scraped ends upwards. We tie them with a kitchen thread around them to maintain their crown shape. We wrap each grated meat cap in a piece of aluminum foil, so as not to burn in the oven. In the middle of the crown on the ribs we put the pieces of meat obtained after scraping the ribs. Sprinkle everything with a little olive oil, pour the red wine, a cup of water, a little salt and freshly ground pepper, sprinkle with dried rosemary and put everything in the oven. We calculate about 20 minutes for each 450 gr ribs, plus another 15 minutes for a well-done steak.

From time to time we sprinkle the meat with the liquid from the tray. if the liquid drops a lot, add more hot water.

In a pan, lightly fry the raisins and hazelnuts.

In another pan, more capacious, olive oil and when it is hot put the finely chopped onion. Heat the onion until it becomes soft and golden. Put the paprika and mix quickly, taking care not to caramelize. Pour the meat soup, sugar, salt and pepper and mix. let it simmer for about 20 minutes. When it is ready, put the breadcrumbs and mix a few times until it is incorporated. Then add the lightly fried hazelnuts and raisins. We're firing.

15 minutes before the meat crown is ready, we put in the tray around it, the vegetables: the bouquets of broccoli, bell peppers, carrots and parsnips, all cleaned and cut into strips. Cover the whole tray with aluminum foil and leave for about 15-20 minutes.

We take out the pork ribs on a plate, we pour in the middle of it, over the pieces of fried meat, the onion filling, breadcrumbs, hazelnuts and raisins. We remove the thread with which we tied the crown to the oven, we also remove the aluminum foils from the ends of the crown. We will put vegetables around it and ...

Good appetite !

Relieving food

On Tuesday we have ciolan, on Thursday we have Speciala, we think it's time to stick something to the other days of the working week at Camino. Until next time, it was Wednesday's turn. We intend to make soothing food every Wednesday, in the style of & # 8222 mother's food & # 8221. Foods that we used to eat as children or that we still eat when we visit our mothers. We will make chicken soups, soups like at home, pipote stews, fried liver, mashed potatoes, sausages with cabbage, marinated meatballs, beef salads (maybe even with chicken, let it be a job until the end :)) pies and pancakes, polenta and macaroni with cheese and scallops, homemade cakes. How about that? We start tomorrow with chicken soup with noodles, fried chicken with mashed potatoes and sweet tomato sauce and a little garlic. For dessert, cherry pie. Do you have any ideas?

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hm & # 8230I don't know why, in fact, I think that since I was at my mother's house, there are some foods that I associate especially with winter. And it would be something like this: potato stew with smoked sausages and served with polenta and sour cabbage, or cabbage juice & # 8230good bad :)) That's what I think I'll do on the weekend :)
And what did my mother remind me of these days: baked potatoes (whole, in shell) and smoked bacon, onions & # 8230and with boiled eggs or & # 8230depends on where our imagination takes us in the pantry :) Only goodies :))
Thank you, Adi, for all the goodies I find in you!

I like baked potatoes too :)

I would start with dessert :) POULTRY MILK. I haven't eaten since I was a child when my mother wasn't so comfortable :(
Let's move on to serious things: if the Transylvanians like it too: meatball soup with BORS !! and LEUSTEAN !! (For Muntenians, a well-made meatball soup is the most & # 8222 at home mom & # 8221, in my opinion). At this time a meatball (bird, pork.) Would go first.
For type two I am in a dilemma: I would opt for peppers stuffed with rice (without meat) to make it easier and healthier. Of course you can fill zucchini (not zucchini because they look more nauseating) and tomatoes, eggplants in the same tray & # 8230
My mother also made baked peppers with sour cream (delicious) that go instead of meatballs.

bird's milk is on the list :)

There would be (for me) sarmale, crispy snacks, chicken peas with chicken, chicken brine with polenta. And for dessert: rice with milk, semolina with milk, cheese or pumpkin pie. I hope the ideas are useful :) And what about a day for fish? :)

Stir-fried meatball soup with sauerkraut juice :)
Beaten beans with meat or homemade sausages fried in lard plus pickles
Pie with cabbage, onion or cheese (from that of classic bread dough, baked in a larger tray or smaller pies baked individually, my grandmother called them kisses :)
Mushroom stew (good, fragrant, forest mushrooms)
Sweet bread
Stuffed pepper soup or stuffed peppers in tomato sauce
Balmos, polenta bulz with bellows cheese :)

Woe to my head for the cholesterol stuff I listed here, what to do with them, I associate these with going home, to my mother or grandmother, it is clear that we are Transylvanians. Anyway, since it's winter, I've listed more winter dishes. In summer I go for lettuce soup, green bean soup & # 8230

do you have a good salad soup recipe? :)

I make it this way, for a pot of about four liters of soup: two heads of salad if the heads are big, if not even three & # 8211 the idea is to have a lot of lettuce, 4-5 cloves of garlic, 2-3 tablespoons oil, approx. two liters of water, two eggs, about 4-500 ml of sweet milk, about 5-600 ml of whipped milk or more liquid yogurt, about 200 ml of sour cream. I soaked the garlic in oil for about a minute, added the lettuce leaves and simmered them for about 10 minutes. Add water, simmer for another 10 minutes, add salt, turn off the heat and let it cool a bit. Meanwhile, mix the sweet milk, whipped milk, eggs and cream and straighten the soup with them. If it needs to be sour, add a few drops of lemon or vinegar.
It can be made with whey instead of water, you can also harden a little smoked bacon at the beginning, with garlic, so according to your preferences. However, what is really important is to have a good, tender, young salad, and quality dairy & # 8211 that is, whipped milk and real cream. We eat it with various things next to it: kneaded sheep's cheese, polenta or homemade bread, scrambled eggs

I have an excellent salad soup recipe, with carrots and a little smoked bacon. If you want, let's talk about its development

Aoleau what my appetite is for food like at home :)

Sour vegetable soup with borscht and sour cream with sour cream, sauerkraut with smoked (ciolan, scarica, smoked ribs) and for dessert delicious croissants with walnut and jam filling / jam or sweet cheese pie

It's not long and the fast begins, sweet and fasting options:

1. beans rubbed with sauerkraut or sauerkraut only with oil, + fried sausage
2. low beans
3. bean soup with rantas, red onion with oil and vinegar
4. potato stew
5. potato soup
6. pots
7. Oriental salad
8. paprika with flour dumplings
9. chicken with sour cream and dill
10. baked pies with sauerkraut, or with plums, or with cheese, or twists with cheese or apples
11. Cake with leaves with bee honey

It can be seen that I miss Romania :)

But now I prefer boiled meat with vegetables and squeezed lemon: D

it's fat if you eat it all alone :)

When I was little, during the long winter, every Tuesday, my mother made a dish typical of the Romania-Hungary border area: the parade with the internships, that is, a thicker tomato soup in which she throws some pieces of sausage. smoked house and some eggs. Eat with pieces of bread (croutons) browned in the oven. Super tasty.

1. Bean soup / soup with onion salad
2. Pork alms with polenta and sauerkraut salad
3. Gris pudding (possibly with cottage cheese) with cherry jam

I always associate the chicken paprika with dumplings with my mother or grandmother. green bean soup (or soup.) made with a little sugar, that's how my Hungarian grandmother cooked it - since she left I haven't been able to recreate that unique taste!
noodles with walnuts or poppy seeds, or even with grated, hardened apples, our favorite fasting food, children.
hot polenta covered with cold milk from the fridge-dinner on evenings when mom or grandma didn't have time.
cabbage pie, bellows cheese or hardened onion & # 8230baked in the hearth.
friganele & # 8230.or bread in egg. with sweet peas or carrots. a wonder!
it would be, but I missed it and a craving!

hot polenta with cold milk & # 8211 times back, dream!

1. Tomato soup (homemade broth) with semolina dumplings.
2. Beans & # 8222rubbed & # 8221with smoked sausages and fried onion with baked potatoes with smoked pork tenderloin from the greased garnish.
3. Rice with milk and cinnamon: donuts with jam.

yes, plum dumplings. and mashed potatoes, tomato sauce and meatballs.
ps: do you also put a link to the picture with the pies? look great. I never go round. that is, one in 10, 20! I mean never :)

very nice. I wrote them all down :).

Potato soup with meat from the jar (or garnish), white, without tomato sauce and unsweetened, it comes out like this, sweet and with a smoky taste & # 8230.
Cabbage seasoned with jumari, and for dessert clearly croissants with jam and walnuts (with battered dough with borscht and lard).

potato soup with tarragon, super fluffy donuts with red grape skin, plum dumplings, chicken paprika, salad soup, chicken soup with noodles made by grandma, cut by hand (I do not understand if I think, how he managed to make it so thin), smoked ham noodles in milk, cooked for Easter (since my grandparents died I haven't eaten such a good ham), smoked and dried sausages in the pantry (we were children and we broke from them, eating them naked) , bird's milk - and now I can still smell the vanilla from my grandmother's handkerchief, when she hugged us with the green onion omelette, the same green bean soup as the one described by Andrea, my grandmother being also the Hungarian baked potatoes with butter or with milk yogurt with caramel-instead of cocoa with milk, the simple cake, with nothing in it-foszlos kalacs called his grandmother, cakes like I haven't eaten since my grandmother died, made of snow-white flour, brought by my grandfather from the mill. I swear I feel the taste of all this, although I haven't eaten many for many years, I hear my grandmother's voice, I see my grandfather, big, & # 8222 driven by my little and fragile grandmother, I hear my mother laughing & # 8221 8230

Ear soup, made from a blanket of dough and spun on the fingers in the shape of ears. Sour with sour.
Iesnita on sour cream & # 8211 beaten eggs, with sour cream and water with flour that drains from the polenta.
Eggplant salad
Spinach with sour cream, nettles with mujdei
Chicken with sour cream, polenta and mujdei

You killed me with the picture that is with a slice of bread and the marrow ..offf my grandfather put a big pot to boil with beef bones leaving some meat on them, and he boiled them a lot, then he put potatoes, celery and whites and spices then he took everything out on a large tray and we ate it with horseradish, mayonnaise and a sauce with mayonnaise and mustard, and for the little ones my grandfather spread it on the bread and put garlic with onion, it was a richer version of the brisket

as for the food, I miss quince food with burnt sugar sauce, nettles with canned meat garlic, drumsticks and sausages, peppercorns stuffed with rice but boiled in tomato sauce, here they are made but peppers are small and bitter and are made in the soup from boiling meat, like zucchini and a kind of cabbage rolls in cabbage leaves all with rice, I would eat my grandmother's and mother's pies, I would eat some cakes made with corn porridge and donuts, the pot that my mother made in a large pan in the oven after gathering in it all the slightly fried vegetables but also beef because it was not left to leave a widow, dumplings with plums and belly soup in which my mother throws a handful of rice and on the plate throw a little green larch and lard on bread with garlic that I had to eat on the sly because they did not leave me .. and many and small what to say I miss tomatoes and tarragon and the sweet taste of milk and butter which is super greasy and tasteless here and what's more, I miss everything too I miss our green and cool country with good water, but in any case, thank you for stirring us up in the memory of those who are gone, you give us more ideas and advice that are welcome

I think it's been years since I ate julfa cake, made with hemp seeds! If you do something like that, I will cross the continent and come to Cluj, on Wednesday evening! Although I would be content with some dumplings boiled with cottage cheese!

More food, some food, I would have some:
& # 8211 egg soup, straight vartoasa with sour cream, bean soup with smoked ciolan, potato soup (papricas) as my mother used to say with smoked meat, vegetable soup with smoked sausages
& # 8211 sauerkraut with meat, cabbage from Cluj, low beans with sausages or smoked ciolan, sarmale in which my father liked to find pieces of fatty meat from the captain of a pig, pilaf with poultry meat (to change pork) and meat from the cloth, especially the simply fried rib, plus intigaie and sausages
-talks, pies, noodles with poppy seeds or walnuts

Definitely homemade chicken noodle soup. Cherry juice. Parade zama with sausages. Macaroni with gray. Homemade creams (including sheets). Smoked and dried sausages. Roll the string with walnuts, poppy seeds or sweet cheese.
Freshly caught fish from Cris (barbel, clean, perch, maybe even pike, once even an eel :), given through flour, a little salty and fried even on the same day & # 8211 of these I haven't eaten in a long time and I think I'm among the best fish I've ever eaten. No potatoes, no polenta, no mujdei, just fish with bread or, in my case, no, because I didn't like bread, I didn't eat bread at all until I was four.

Hmmmmm! yummmmmy
I only cook comfort food.
For example, on Sunday I made a salad soup, a chicken stew with garlic (ostropel) with polenta (millet), which I cut with string. I made some pies (as they say on the slab-like in Transylvania) with plum jam. And I cooked on the wood stove because it is very dear to me. Of course, my mother cooked on the stove but the food is much tastier on the stove.
I make chicken soup once every 2 weeks (and only with chicken raised in the yard). I make the mushroom stew about once a month (mushrooms from the forest picked with my hand). Sour vegetable soup with cabbage juice I made last week. And I make many of the above recipes.
I don't like to experience all kinds of food that I'm sure I won't touch.
Why I miss it: bird's milk and cocoa cake.

After all the ones listed above, I come with the addition that, for my grandmother, homemade noodle soup is associated in two ways with sarmale & # 8230. ) with cheese, or pie in the tray, with apples and cheese, respectively, baked in the oven in the yard, homemade bread, homemade dumplings with sweet cheese, dumplings with plums & # 8230meats with mashed potatoes and tomato sauce & # 8230

I think these are the dishes I will prepare as soon as possible:
& # 8211 cherry soup (with or without meat)
& # 8211 Boiled beef with fruit sauce and mashed potatoes
& # 8211 dumplings with homemade plum jam
& # 8211 stuffed pepper soup
& # 8211 smoked bean soup
All six, in addition to many listed and the others I go to my mother's house

Adi, I have some ideas too
& # 8211 polenta with hot cheese paired with a cold salad soup & # 8230
-details Monday morning from Aunt Mera to the fireplace.
What do you say?

What comes to mind now are:
& # 8211 candles (lies)
& # 8211 cabbage (stuffed with cow cheese, spinach, dill and green onion tails) & # my mother (grandma) does it nobody makes it & # 8230
& # 8211 coil with walnut or poppy seeds put in a thick layer
& # 8211 grilled chicken (I'm not sure of that name) - it's chicken stew made from onions, peppers (if we have) hardened and then put the chicken and paprika and water, salt pepper and finally parsley served with puree or dumplings of or broken & # 8230
& # 8211 bread with lard and tomatoes or onions and a little salt
& # 8211 fine clams (peasant potatoes but mashed like puree) with smoked ham and red onion or green onion or radish
& # 8211 hit, rubbed onion salad & # 8230 I haven't been able to make it so far so mommy
& # 8211 egg soup (ie cumin in which eggs are thrown and then whipped with sour cream)
& # 8211 noodles with milk
& # 8211 toast rubbed with garlic and sprinkled with oil (freshly made)
& # 8211 pancove (donuts) with a lot of walnuts
& # 8211 Broken egg dumplings with chicken stew above = DELICIOUS
& # 8211 pea soup with chicken, root and broken egg dumplings
& # 8211 Cauliflower soup with broken egg dumplings
& # 8211 Baked chicken and potatoes in lard
& # 8211 cherry and walnut cake
& # 8211 apple cake & # 8211 sheets made with lard (very tender) between which squeezed apples mixed with cinnamon, sugar
& # 8211 creams
& # 8211 bacon with bread baked on the hearth and with onion slightly caught in the frost
& # 8211 mosocoarne (a kind of cheesecake) stuffed with grated apples
& # 8211 pasta with sweet cabbage
& # 8211 potato pies, sweet cabbage, cottage cheese mixed with dill
& # 8211 chicken on the bottle

Burnt sugar cream, cake with shit and raisins, honey cake, apple cake, chicken ostropel, stuffed zucchini

frateeeeeeeee & # grandmother used to make me friganele from slices of bread soaked in milk given through egg and fried and after that she put sugar on them and we eat them hot & # 8230 & # 8230 & # 8230.say if you ate too

Ioi, how good it all looks! Especially the pies seem to be typical from Codrenesti, such as the ones from Baia Mare, are they somehow with leurda or am I wrong? And toast looks inviting (drip bread is said to be in my area).
My soothing food is smoked bacon omelette, with green onions, mushrooms or sponges harvested from grandma's yard in season, all with a steaming polenta. Or mushroom stew with polenta & # 8230 True relief, indeed!

Ripe Apples With Caramel Sauce

1. To make ice cream, grate the seeds in a saucepan with milk. Add the sticks and bring to a boil. Remove from the heat, cover and let infuse for 30 minutes.

2. Beat the yolks and sugar in a bowl until it turns into a pale cream. Pour the milk and mix. Put in the pan and heat gently, stirring, until slightly thickened - about 20 minutes. Remove from the heat, add the sour cream and pass through a fine sieve. Cool and place in an ice cream machine.

3. Preheat the oven to 180C. To make the filling, mix all the ingredients in a bowl, using your hands. Peel the apples. With a small knife, hollow out the inside of each apple and place in a bowl greased with butter. Fill with the mixture. Bake for 30 minutes.

4. Meanwhile, make the caramel. Put the sugar in a pan over high heat and leave until it turns brown. Mix with a wooden spoon to dissolve any pieces. Remove from the heat and carefully add the cream. Put the pan on medium heat and stir to dissolve any pieces of caramel. Pass through a fine sieve and keep warm.

tomato sauce, 200 g of mozzarella, 200 g of sheep cheese, 8 fresh mushrooms, 2 semi-smoked sausages, 100 gr of Prague ham, 100 gr of raw prosciutto, oregano, olive oil mà „Æ'sline
italian pizza dough link:

225 gr butter, 360 milk powder, 6 tablespoons cocoa, 1 ampoule of rum essence, 1/2 ampoule of vanilla essence, 300 gr sugar, 150 ml water

Cozonac with dehydrated fruits

Cozonac with dehydrated, dried, candied fruits. Bags and bags of dehydrated fruits kept gathering in my pantry: dates, figs, raisins, apricots, cranberries. I kept munching on them for a while, but it didn't look like they were still there. I made a quick inventory and decided to use them at a sweet bread. In addition to them, I also found candied lemon peel and some nuts, hazelnuts and almonds.

I fried the walnuts, hazelnuts and almonds a little in a non-stick pan to awaken their flavors a little. I ground some of them finely to absorb any moisture from the fruit. I soaked the raisins with a little rum to swell them a bit and cut the rest of the fruit into slices (baguettes). The cake dough is the one presented here (see recipe).

  • 800g flour
  • 4 yolks
  • 120g old powder
  • 500ml warm milk
  • 150g soft butter at room temperature
  • 25g yeast
  • 1 tablespoon caster sugar
  • vanilla sugar
  • grated lemon peel
  • a pinch of salt
  • 400g assorted dehydrated fruit
  • 100g raisins soaked in rum
  • 200g whole walnuts, hazelnuts and almonds, lightly fried - half of them finely ground

Chocolate wreath with ricotta cream

Plums are wonderful fruits! That's all I had to say before this sublime recipe! It is a bestial cake, although it does not contain a lot of fat, but it is fluffy and moist, thanks to the plum puree! And the ricotta cream on the crown.

For baking, a guguluf shape is used, from the round one, with the hole in the middle.

  • 150 g plums
  • 60 g soft butter
  • 120 g of sugar
  • a sachet of vanilla sugar
  • a pinch of salt
  • two eggs
  • 100 g flour 1050 I put 60 white flour and 40 g black flour)
  • a teaspoon of baking powder
  • 4 teaspoons cocoa
  • 250 g ricotta at room temperature
  • vanilla essence
  • 2-3 tablespoons of milk
  • a spoonful of powdered sugar

The plums are washed, cut in half, the seeds are removed and put in a bowl. Pour over them 150 ml of boiling water (go and some boiling red wine), cover with a saucepan, and leave for 30 minutes. Heat the oven to 180 degrees and grease the shape with butter.

Rub the soft butter, gradually adding the sugar. From the plums, make a puree with the liquid. However, if the plums are also very juicy and you think there is too much liquid and the puree would come out too watery, drain it. Add the puree, vanilla sugar and salt to the butter. Add eggs, one at a time, and mix everything until a homogeneous and creamy composition is obtained. The flour is mixed with baking powder and cocoa. Sift over the composition and mix enough to homogenize the ingredients. Pour the dough into the mold and smooth it to the surface.

Bake the cake for 30-45 minutes, until if you put a toothpick in it, it comes out clean. Remove from the oven and leave in the form for 10 minutes. Remove, and allow to cool completely on a grill.

When it is cold, put the ricotta cream made as follows: the cheese is mixed with vanilla, sugar and milk, to obtain a cream firm enough to stay on the crown. Put it over the cake, and dust it with cocoa! Good appetite!

Baked pork ribs in aluminum foil

Video Recipe PIG COASTS IN THE OVEN Details Video Recipe: For more Culinary Recipes. . The ribs must be marinated in the cold for at least two hours. It is ideal to leave it to marinate for at least one night. I cooked a piece of pork flour - breast with some cartilaginous ribs. It melted in your mouth at the end! The marinating time was 2 hours and the cooking time was almost 3 hours - at 170 C (last 30 minutes at 210 C, for the crust). This steak can also be grilled, in an aluminum tray covered with metal foil. The first 2 hours and.

Pork ribs with baked potatoes · Delicacies

  • iu, trying to close as tightly as possible. If the tray has a lid, use it. Place the tray in the preheated oven at 150 degrees C for 2.5 hours. Extinguish the fire and leave the form in the oven for about half an hour
  • unite! Loaded with a variety of delicious and beautifully colored vegetables, this simple yet tasty baked fish in aluminum foil
  • Information Recipe name Baked pork ribs Cotnari Wine HousePublished on 2018-01-28Preparation time 10MCooking time 2H45M Total time 2H55MRating 3.5 Based on 10 Review (s

Oven (ribs) of pork in the oven - Goodies from

Place the ribs in a tray, pour the sauce over them, cover them with aluminum foil and put them in the oven, over low heat, about 170 degrees, for about 3 hours - 3 hours and a half. Every half hour remove the tray from oven and grease the ribs with the sauce from the pan. If the sauce decreases, add wine and / or water Over the vegetables, place the pork ribs and put potatoes in the ribs. We cut the potatoes into 4 or 6, depending on how big they are. Pour the water and add the spices - salt, pepper, thyme and bay leaves. We cover the tray with aluminum foil and put it in the oven, which has been previously heated. How to Make Baked Pork Ribs. add a cup of water and put them in the hot oven for 40 minutes covered with a lid or aluminum foil, and after this time, remove the lid and leave until nicely browned.

Pork ribs with baked potatoes

I put the pork ribs in foil, with the meat down, I wrapped them trying to seal them (so that the steam and the juice left by the meat do not come out) during cooking and I put them in the preheated oven at 160 ° C. You can use baking paper instead of aluminum foil, but in this case you will only wrap the tray, not the pieces of ribs. so good that you feel like taking the tray and running with it, not giving it to anyone in the oven. The size of the rib plate does not matter in this recipe, prepare what quantity you want, the steps are the same. Place the ribs with the bone side up. If it has not already been cleaned, you will see a white skin covering the bones. Insert the tip of a knife under it and pull until you see it start to come off

Baked pork ribs Delights and Smile

Wrap the beef in aluminum foil, in the form of deposits, pour in it a little water and put in the oven, preheated to 220 ° C After twenty minutes to set the temperature to 200 ° C. Baking time in oven - 75 minutes Baked pork ribs. How to prepare pork ribs. Unload in the oven. Pork ribs with baked BBQ marinade. Fresh ribs in the oven. Do you know those pork ribs that you ate at a restaurant and were so good that you licked your fingers? About those ribs is mentioned in the recipe below. Cook the ribs wrapped in aluminum foil for an hour and a half. Remove from the oven, add ¼ cup of BBQ sauce and wrap in foil again. Bake for another hour and a half. Remove from the oven, spread the rest of the sauce and cook uncovered for another 15 minutes. Remove from oven, slice and serve. Baked pork ribs with sauce. Preparation: from garlic, paprika and tomato sauce, make a paste. Grease the ribs with this and put them in the oven for an hour. Cover the tray in which you bake them with aluminum foil. - Recipe Main course: Pork ribs, sweet-spicy Isabel 100 ml soy sauce 100 g brown sugar. Baked pork ribs - Preparation. Preheat the oven to 200 degrees Celsius. Preheat the grill on wood. Sprinkle the pork ribs with a little oil, season with salt and pepper and rub the meat well, so that it is evenly covered with these ingredients. In the meantime, prepare the marinade

Cover the tray with aluminum foil and place in the oven at 170 ° for 50 minutes. My ribs have already come off the bone, but this is not the time to take them out. I cover them with a layer of sauce and put the tray back in the oven. This time uncovered. I repeat the operation with the barbecue sauce twice more every 20 minutes. The turkey steak was imposed as a festive dish for Christmas or Day grams of minced beef, pork or mixture 250 grams of garlic salt pepper Preparation: Preheat oven to 170 of degrees. Clean in a tray and cover it with aluminum foil. Put the tray in the oven for 40 minutes for the oven, let it cool for 15-20 minutes. Ingredients for pork muscles in aluminum foil. 1 piece pork tenderloin (1 kg) salt, pepper, herbs of Provence. How to make pork muscle in aluminum foil. The pork muscle is greased with salt, pepper and herbs from Provence. Then wrap tightly in aluminum foil. Place in the preheated oven, 210 ° C, leave for 1 hour Ribs of pig young to oven. Ribs of pig to oven I kept saying I do of for a long time and today it was their turn. They came out delicious, sticky and tender so I said like you coward and you my recipe, maybe try them. We cover the tray with wrap of aluminum and we introduce it into the preheated oven to 180 ° C for 2 hours Baked pork ribs. by Amalia on November 29, 2013 February 22, 2020 in Pork preparations. Husband's favorites :). Ingredients: 2-3 pieces of pork rib salt, pepper When they are ready you can grease them with a little sauce and then leave them a little covered with aluminum foil. Serve with potatoes

Pork ribs with barbeque sauce - necessary ingredients: - 100 ml barbeque sauce Afterwards, leave the meat at room temperature for half an hour and wrap them with aluminum foil, sealing well. Bake for an hour, then remove the foil and grease the ribs in abundance with the barbeque sauce. Baked pork ribs. How to make roast pork ribs in the oven. For the preparation we need pork ribs with meat (1 piece of 1kg), 4 cloves of garlic, 2 tablespoons of oil, 1 teaspoon of ground pepper, 1 teaspoon of paprika, 1 teaspoon of ground thyme, 1 teaspoon of salt, 1 teaspoon sugar, 250 ml white wine No, I wasn't wrong in the title. It's about some delicious pork ribs, prepared in the oven, but with a taste as if they were out on the grill. The magic is due to the BBQ sauce, which contains, in addition to tomato puree, vinegar, sugar, spices, etc. smoke aroma. You can find BBQ sauces in stores from different companies, but - after me and without the slightest intention of advertising.

Varză călită cu coaste de porc, la cuptor Laura Laurenți

  • iu și se dau la cuptor la temperatură ridicată, pentru o oră
  • iu și le dăm laoven pentru 3 ore. Qn tot acest timp la fiecare oră verificăm dacă nu s-a acaparat lichidul din tavă. Qn caz că nu mai avem lichid mai adăugăm o jumătate of cană of the water
  • iu, va fi unul pe măsura aşteptărilor tale. Pui cu cartofi, în folie de alu
  • unata iar carnea a fost foarte frageda si gustoasa. [ingredients title=Ingrediente] 1,2 kg coaste de porc 3-4 catei de usturoi 1 lingurita cu varf de sare 1 lingurita rasa de boia de ardei [
  • iu. Pune coastele in tava. Asezi coastele cu partea carnoasa deasupra. Acopera tava cu folie de alu
  • ute. Veficaţi după 20 de

Pentru că ardeii se coc în cuptor până ce pielița are urme de arsură, chiar vor avea acea tentă de afumat, specifică ardeilor copți. Ingrediente ardei copți în cuptor, cea mai simplă și igienică metodă. pentru o tavă de cuptor obișnuită 1,7 - 1,8 kg. ardei grași sau kapia Mod de preparare ardei copți în cuptor, cea mai. Se pun la tavă, scăldate în Sangria, se acoperă cu folie de aluminiu, eventual alimentar, după care se dau la cuptor, la 180 de grade. Se lasă două ore, după care se scoate folia și se mai lasă maxim 30 de minute. Se servesc simplu, pentru că se topesc, simplu, în furculiță Intr-o forma punem folie de aluminiu peste care vom pune felii de slanina afumata sau bacon daca nu aveti slanina, carnea condimentata ca in cele descrise mai sus, peste punem un rand de ceapa taiata solzisori, acoperim cu un rand de cartofi taiati rondele mai subtiri si la sfarsit punem un rand de carnati taiati (in locde carnati puteti pune un rand de bacon sau slanina) O friptura de porc la cuptor gustoasa foarte usor de preparat este reteta de muschi de porc in bere preparata la cuptor si servita pe un pat de legume sote trase in unt la tigaie.Reteta de mancare este foarte rapida fiind gata in maxim 30-40 minute, reprezentand un fel de mancare servit cu placere la orice ora din zi, apreciata de iubitorii mancarurilor cu carne si legume Coaste de porc in sos barbeque din: coaste de porc, sos barbeque. Ingrediente: 2 kg coaste de porc sos barbeque Mod de preparare: Clătiți bine coastele. Asezati intr-o tava, in care ati pus 3 cani de apa. Ungeti pe deasupra cu sos barbeque. Acoperiti cu folie de aluminiu. Dati la cuptor la 200C timp [


  1. unate din bucataria greceasca. Iata ca grecii au facut ceva atat de simplu si atat de bun, iar feta la cuptor cu cateva legume devine un aperitiv cald de care se va indragosti toata lumea
  2. iu și se lasă cel puțin două ore pe foc. Chiar înainte de.
  3. iu si dam tava la cuptorul preincalzit la 190 grade Celsius, pentru 90 de
  4. iu. Coacere capatana de telina in cuptorul incins al aragazului, la foc potrivit. Pregatire sos din praz.
  5. Noul Ghid publicat de Ministerul Sanatatii recomanda consumul de carne de porc inca de la inceputul diversificarii. Creierul trebuie, in schimb, gatit corespunzator. l-am spalat si curatat de pielita, l-am fiert si apoi l-am dat la cuptor. Unde mai pui ca piticul il considera delicios 1 kg creier de porc. o oala incapatoare cu apa.
  6. ute
  7. iu. Se dau la cuptor, si se lasa aproximativ o ora, dupa care se intorc pe partea cealalta, se stropesc cu restul de bere neagra, se acopera iarasi si se lasa pentru inca 35-40

Costita de porc cu bere, frageda si picanta (la cuptor

  • ute. Pune coastele de porc intr-o tava, acopera-le uniform cu sos. Foloseste folie de alu
  • iu, se aseaza in tava si se pun la cuptor la foc potrivit. Dupa aproximativ 20 de
  • iu Puneți-le în cuptor timp de 20-25
  • iu la gatitasa am eu pe bibilica ca mancarea gatita in folie nu este sanatoasa. Asa ca nu ma criticati prea aspru. Ingrediente: 3 pesti macrou, cam 1,5kg condimente pentru peste ulei de masline sare zeama de la o lamaie Preparare: Curatam si spalam foarte bine pestele [
  • iu si freaca-le cu amestecul de condimente. Inveleste-le in folie si pune-le la cuptor timp de 2 ore pana cand carnea se patrunde
  • Adaugati vinul, frunzele de dafin, supa de vita si ciupercile. Acoperiti cratita cu o folie de gatit sau cu hartie de copt si puneti totul la cuptor pentru cinci ore. Scoateti cratita din cuptor si lasati continutul sa se raceasca timp de o ora, inainte de a dezosa coastele. Inlaturati orice urma de grasime din sos

Deşi acest truc va duce la obţinerea unor coaste de porc delicioase, specialiştii ne recomandă să le gătim mai întâi la cuptor. Înveleşte coastele de porc în folie de aluminiu şi pune-le în cuptorul aragazului, la 150 de grade Celsius, 45 de minute 1 kg pulpa de porc 50 g unt sau untura sare piper chimen sau coriandru macinate-dupa gust 5-6 catei de usturoi pisati Preparare . se spala si se fasoneaza bucata de carne se sterge carnea de apa si se condimenteaza dupa gust.Se da carnea la frigider pentru 1 or

folia de aluminiu introdusa in cuptor este o adevarata bomba chimica pt om aluminiu este volatil de la cca 60 grade Celsius ca urmare prezinta un grad mare de risc toxicitate foarte mare exista hartie cerata , pergament si alte metode .folia de aluminiu se foloseste la infasurarea capetelor de pulpe pt o mai usoara manevrare. Coastele (de porc, la ele ne referim) pot fi gătite în multe feluri, după cum pot fi stricate în multe feluri (ca să nu mai spun că în restaurația românească sunt confundate adeseori cu scăricica/scărița sau pieptul de porc, care-s lucruri diferite).Marinate sau nu, condimentate-n mii de feluri, cel mai simplu mod de a le găti e acesta: pune-le într-o tavă, acoperă-le cu folie. Se acopera cu folie de aluminiu sau inca o tava (eu am un set de 2 tavi care se suprapun) si se pune la copt timp de 3 ore la 150C. In timp ce se coc coastele pregatiti sosul bbq. Sosul : Ceapa se soteaza in putin ulei de masline pana devine translucida dupa care se adauga boiaua afumata chimenul si se amesteca bine Mod de preparare: Nu am preparat pana acum coaste de porc la cuptor dar niciodata nu-i prea tarziu. Sunt foarte gustoase numai ca dureaza prepararea lor aproximativ 2 si 1/2 ore. Am salivat toata familia pe langa cuptor in timp se se coceau. Sotul meu spunea ca a crezut ca nu mai prinde ziua de maine asteptand Tava invelita cu folie de aluminiu am bagat-o la cuptorul preincalzit la maxim. Eu am gatit in cuptorul de la aragaz. Dupa vreo ora am descoperit tava si am stropit carnea, cu zeama de lamaie. Apoi am lasat preparatul in cuptor pana s-a gatit complet si s-a rumenit uniform. Sincer, este prima data cand gatesc carnea in acest mod

Porc cu bere la cuptor - reteta de friptura marinata

  1. Coaste de miel la gratar, reteta simpla, explicata pas cu pas, delicioasa, cu ingrediente simple. Aceste coaste de miel la gratar le-am facut in a treia zi de Pasti. Au fost chiar un mic motiv de disputa in familie. Chestia e ca eu vroiam sa testez reteta intocmai asa cum o gasisem. Si asta presupunea sirul de
  2. im 1 ora. Intr-o tava adaugam 2 linguri ulei + 100 ml apa si adaugam feliile de carne. Acoperim tava cu un capac sau folie de alu
  3. Cu cele de la Comtim am avut 2 experiente: Prima oara a fost un singur sir de coaste in pachet, cu carne suficiente de am zis ca l-am gasit pe dumnezeu. Am luat weekendu asta iar, sa le fac la gratar si am gadit 2 siruri de coaste cu carne spre deloc, dar baitul mi se pare mai bun decat cel din Kaufland
  4. iu. Bucatile de carne spalate se condimenteaza si se sareaza bine, se lasa cateva
  5. iu. Daca aveti, adaugati si o crenguta de cimbru verde sub folia de alu

Indepartati membrana subtire (pleura) de pe coaste si asezonati-le cu sare si piper pe ambele parti. Puneti coastele intr-o tava de cuptor adanca si acoperiti cu 2 straturi de folie de aluminiu. Dati la cuptor 4 ore. Transferati coastele intr-o tava de copt intinsa tapetata cu folie si stropiti-le cu sos chili din belsug 2 randuri coaste de porc 5 linguri ulei de masline cu folie de aluminiu si se mai tine in cuptor inca 15-20 de minute. Se scoate coronita de coaste pe un platou, se toarna in mojlocul ei, peste bucatelele de carne fripte, umplutura de ceapa, pesmet, alune si stafide. Se scate ata cu acre se legase coronita si foliile de aluminiu de la.

Coaste de vită la cuptor - Rețete LCH

Pune bucatile de coaste spalate. Lasa-le la rece pana a doua zi. Asaza-le intr-un vas termorezistent impreuna cu ceapa taiata in patru. Stropeste-le cu putin ulei si apa. Acopera vasul cu folie de aluminiu si lasa la cuptor, la foc potrivit, aproximativ 45 de minute Buna Eleonora, imi cer scuze ca iti raspund atat de tarziu. Pulpele nu stau la cuptor, ci pe gratar. Si se pun in folie de aluminiu deoarece au sa fie mai fragede. Nici eu nu am crezut pana nu am incercat, Marinata in care sta carnea si modul de preparare ii dau puiului o savoare cu totul si cu totul speciala. Nici eu nu am crezut pana nu am. Imbracam fiecare scrumbie in folie de aluminiu si apoi le asezam pe gratarul unei tavi in care am pus o cana cu apa. Dam la cuptor si tinem circa 30 min. dupa care scoatem tava si indepartam cu grija folia de aluminiu de pe fiecare bucata de peste in parte. Lasam scrumbiile pe gratarul tavii si dam la cuptor pentru a se rumeni frumos Nov 14, 2017 - Reteta Macrou La Cuptor - Cum Facem Macrou La Cuptor Ingrediente: 4 pesti - macrou 2 linguri ulei de masline 50 ml vin alb 4 catei de usturoi 1-2 lingurite sare ½ lingurita piper ½ lingurita cimbru 2-3 foi de dafin 1 ceapa 1 lamaie folie de aluminiu Mod de preparare: Curatam pestii de intestine, le taiem capetele

Peste La Cuptor In Folie De Aluminiu Cu Legume Si Usturo

Dorada cu legume in folie de aluminiu la cuptor. Ardei, Ardei gras, Dovlecel-3 buc.peste dorada -1 dovlecel -2 ardei grasi -cateva rosii cherry (sau rosii obisnuite) 3 catei de usturoi -ulei -sare piper -zeama de lamaie -folie aluminiu Ar fi trebuit să fie, cum ziceam, coaste, în sensul în care eu acasă am citit inițial 284 (de mii) de rețete cu coaste la cuptor, apoi am plecat convins până la hprmrktul de peste drum să le iau, n-aveau, așa că m-am descurcat și eu cum am putut, iar ce am putut a fost doar o bucată frumoasă de piept de porc cu tot cu șoric, pe. Coaste de porc marinate la cuptor. V-am pregătit o rețetă pe cât de simplă pe atât de delicioasă, care îți face poftă cum o vezi. Nu poți să te abții de la așa un preparat. Coaste de porc marinate sau scăricică marinată sunt acele coaste fragede, rumene, lipicioase de te lingi pe degete coaste de porc la cuptor. cu mâna proiecte/colaborări Se umple cel puțin jumătate din tavă cu apă, coastele se pun pe grătar și se acoperă cu o folie de aluminiu. Știu că unii oameni nu agreează aluminiul la gătit, un compromis aici ar fi să înveliți carnea cu hârtie de copt, însă pe deasupra tot veți avea nevoie de o.

Video: Coaste de porc la cuptor - Casa de Vinuri Cotnar

Mod de preparare pentru costiță de porc la cuptor cu miere și muștar. Punem într-un vas miere, muștarul, condimentele și usturoil curățat și tăiat bucăți. Amestecăm bine după care ungem bucata de carne cu pasta formată. Învelim carnea în folie de aluminiu și o dăm la rece câteva ore sau până a doua zi . si va rog sa ma credeti ca dupa ce am testat am salutat ideea.Timp de preparare: 2 ore Complexitate: redusa Ingrediente: -1 buc kaizer-folie de aluminiu Mod de preparare: Se ia o bucata de kaizer (daca este prea mare se poate taia in doua) Revenim a doua zi și pregătim cuptorul la 180 grade. Introducem coastele în cuptor în tava învelită cu folie de aluminiu. 2 ore. Să șadă blând. Peste 2 ore, ridicăm folia, carnea trebuie să devină moale: La sfertul de sos păstrat de-o parte, mai adăugăm o lingură de miere

Taiati o bucata de folie de aluminiu suficienta pentru a rula bucatile de peste. Asezati pestele pe folie, adaugati o bucatica de unt, sare, piper si patrunjel tocat. Se stropeste cu zeama de lamaie. Impachetati folia nu foarte strans. Preincalziti cuptorul. Puneti bucatile de peste invelite in aluminiu intr-o tava si puneti-le la cuptor.Le. Coaste din spate cu carne de porc sunt cărnoase și slabe, astfel încât se prepară repede. Pentru a vă asigura că au un șarm frumos și au o aromă de fum, începeți-le pe un grătar cu chipsuri de lemn, dar apoi înfășurați-le în folie și terminați în cuptor. Acest lucru asigură gătirea uniformă și permite coastelor să își facă propriul sos de tigaie, pe care veți dori. Bucatari celebri - Jamie Oliver - Coaste picante de porc, perfecte pentru zilele reci de toamna. folia de aluminiu in bucatarie te invita sa urmaresti un serial delicios de savuros, in care descoperi, saptamanal, retete si preparate cu semnatura si gustul personalizat al unora dintre cei mai celebri bucatari ai lumii Se acoperă tava cu folie de aluminiu. Se introduce în cuptorul preîncălzit și se lasă aproximativ 1 oră, întorcând bucățile de pui la jumătatea timpului. Carnea ar trebui să nu mai fie roz în centru, iar dacă folosiți un termometru pentru carne, acesta ar trebui să vă indice 74 de grade Celsisus, lângă os

Coaste de porc la cuptor, Rețetă Petitche

  1. iula refrigerator. 2. Se lasa coastele laoven cca 2 ore la 180 degrees. 3. Sosul se serveste fie langa, fie peste coaste. Sos: 1. Incingem uleiul intr-o tigaie la foc mediu. 2
  2. Coastele de porc la grătar sau la cuptor, rumenite sau suculente sunt un preparat popular în toată lumea. Le veți întâlni și în nordul rece, în Scandinavia, și în Austria, dar și în România. În Sinaia e un restaurant celebru pentru acest fel de mâncare, iar clienții vin special pentru coastele de porc
  3. Cum facem friptura din coaste de porc la cuptor. Pentru preparare avem nevoie de coaste de porc cu carne (1bucata de 1kg), 4 catei de usturoi, 2 linguri de ulei, 1 lingurita de piper macinat, 1 lingurita de boia de ardei, 1 lingurita de cimbru macinat, 1 lingurita de sare, 1 lingurita de zahar, 250 ml vin alb

Mod de preparare: Coastele de porc se spala si se usuca. Se amesteca bine toate condimentele pana cand rezulta un sos de contimente care se toarna peste bucatile de coaste. Se unge fiecare bucata si se pune totul intr-un bol acoperit cu folie de plastic, care se da la rece pentru aproximativ 1-2 ore Coaste de porc cu cartofi și kale - mod de preparare. Zdrobește semințele de fenicul într-un mojar. Presară puțin ulei pe deasupra și acoperă cu folie de aluminiu. Dă coastele la cuptor pentru 90 de minute la 190 de grade Celsius. Între timp, toacă mărunt frunzele de kale Turnati peste costita racita pusa intr-un vas incapator si dati la frigider pana a doua zi. Captusiti cu folie de aluminiu o tava prevazuta cu un gratar* , inclusiv peretii laterali (folia de aluminiu va reflecta caldura pe carne si nu mai sunteti nevoiti sa intoarceti carnea in timpul gatirii, iar acesta se va coace / frige uniform) Stropim pastravul cu putin ulei, apoi putem pune tava la cuptor electric, la o temperatura de 220 de grade Celsius pentru 20-25 de minute, timp in care tava va fi acoperita cu folie de aluminiu. La cuptoarele pe gaz, focul trebuie sa fie aproape maxim, asezati tava pe mijloc coaste de porc la cuptor Aseaza o folie de aluminiu peste o tava de cuptor si aseaza peste ea un gratar de racire (de tipul celui pe care-l folosesti la racrea prajiturilor). Aseaza coastele de porc pe acest gratar, intr-un singur strat

Reteta Coaste de porc cu legume la cuptor - Bucataras

  1. Avem nevoie de: Coaste afumate-500g, pt 2 portii. 3-4 cartofi mari. Rozmarin. 1 small onion. 1 lingura de bullion. Patrunjel-optional Este un preparat destul de greu, tinand cont de faptul ca vorbim despre carne de porc si de afumatura, nu mai vorbesc de asocierea carne-cartofidar este extrem de gustoasa si pot sa va asigur ca este unul dintre acele preparate dupa care te lingi pe degete. And.
  2. iu sau il puneti in punga de copt carne si lasati la cuptorul preincalzit la 180 de grade timp de 1 ora, chiar 1 ora si jumate. 11 Dupa acest timp ciolanul ar trebui sa se gateasca bine, verificati sa intre cutitul usor in carne
  3. iu - la cuptor
  4. iu au nevoie de o mulțime de usturoi proaspăt și muștar preparat. Opțional, cantitatea poate fi redusă. Felul este suficient de ascuțit. Puteți să vă serviți sau să vă îmbinați cu vasele laterale. Ingredientel

Peștele făcut în folie de aluminiu are carnea mai fragedă și gustul mai intens. În plus, dacă nu vă formalizați, îl puteți servi direct din folia în care a fost gătit. Eu n-am farfurii speciale pentru pește, așa că prefer să-l aduc la masă direct în folie. Iată și rețeta: Se iau doi păstrăvi de [ Această rață umplută la cuptor se prepară în cel mai scurt timp posibil și nu necesită marinare de câteva ore. Pieptul iese suculent, celelalte părți a corpului, la fel. Preparăm un sos de miere, ce-i va oferi o notă dulce- acrișoară

.. Mod de preparare. Coastele de porc se spala bine sub jet de apa, se portioneaza si se. Cine stie sa imi spuna si mie cum fac niste muschi de porc la cuptor, in folie de aluminiu? Am o bucata cam de 8-9 cm diametru si vreo 25 cm lungime. >Totul despre casa si gradina > Retete cu carne de porc > Muschi de porc cu cartofi la cuptor - Pagina 0

Prepară-ţi singură pateul la tine acasă. Această reţetă de pate de porc este delicioasă şi se face uşor. 1. Cu doua zile înainte de prepararea pateului, se pregateste crusta, pentru care se amesteca untul moale cu galbenusurile, sarea si faina cu ajutorul degetelor, pâna la omogenizare, si apoi se toarna apa, puţ\u001Bin câte puţ\u001Bin. it Coaste de porc afumate, gatite pe gratarul Big Green Egg (Reteta VIDEO) Metoda 3-2-1 pentru coaste este cea mai frecventa metoda de gatire a coastelor pe Big Green Egg! Cifrele reprezinta perioada de timp in raport cu fiecare etapa in parte. Prin urmare, coaste nu trebuie neaparat sa se gateasca timp de 3, 2 si 1 ora Coaste la cuptor. Crocante, rumene si foarte aromate, aceste delicioase coaste la cuptor este o reteta deloc complicata. De mult imi doream sa pregatesc ceva clasic romanesc pentru ai mei si sa se linga pe degete. Am sa pregatesc coaste de porc, dar nu prajite ci la cuptor. Try! Ingredient. 1,5 kg de coaste de porc spalate si sters COASTE DE PORC CARAMELIZATE LA CUPTOR folie de aluminiu si se lasa la cuptor ,la foc potrivit circa 1 ora si 40 de minute.Se verifica si daca sosul a mai scazut se poate adauga apa.Cand carnea este gata se scurge sosul din tava si se pune la fiert pana se ingroasa putin.Daca este deja gros din tava nu este cazul.Cu acest sos se unge coasta. Carnea se baga apoi la cuptor -pentru 1 ora la 160 de grade, acoperita cu folie de aluminiu apoi 30 min la 180 de grade descoperita. Marinada 2: Adauga ingredientele in caserola de marinare Pune capacul, asigurandu-te ca l-ai inchis bine, iar butonul este in pozitia inchis Pune furtunul si muta butonul in pozitia deschis

Preincalzeste cuptorul la 180 de grade Celsius. Incepe sa prepari marinada pentru coaste, amestecand usturoiul cu celelalte condimente - paprika, ardei chili, fulgi de chili, sare, piper. Tavaleste bine bucatelele de coaste prin marinada, asaza-le intr-o tava de friptura, acopera-le cu folie de aluminiu, si baga-le la cuptor, timp de 20 de minute Incingeti cuptorul la 180 grade. Scoateti tava cu coaste din frigider, inlaturati folia de plastic (daca ati pus de-aceasta) si puneti deasupra folie de aluminiu. Coaceti timp de 2 ore si jumatate, sau pana cand carea se desprinde relativ usor de pe coaste Preîncălziți cuptorul la 160°C (căldură de sus și de jos) sau la 140°C (coacere cu ventilație/funcția convecție). Așezați coastele într-o tavă adâncă de cuptor cu grătar și ungeți-le cu marinada pregătită. Turnați și restul de bere în tavă. Acoperiți cu folie de aluminiu și gătiți pentru aproximativ 2 ore În tava se pune și jumătate de pahar de apa (sau chiar vin alb dacă vreti) apoi se acoperă bine tava cu folie de aluminiu. Se pune la cuptor intre 1,5 și 2,5 ore (depinde cât de mari sunt coastele, le verificați după 1,5 ore)

Reteta Coaste de porc la cuptor - gustos

4. Înveliți ciolanul de porc în folie de aluminiu și aranjați-l pe o tavă de copt. 5. Coaceți ciolanul în cuptorul preîncălzit până la temperatura de 180°C timp de 1 oră și 30 de minute. Aranjați tava pe nivelul de mijloc al cuptorului. Rețeta Nr.2- Ciolan de porc marinat în bere. INGREDIENTE-1 kg ciolan de porc-2 linguri de mier Coaste, puse intr-o tava cu sare piper, cateva foi de dafin, 1 litru de suc de mere rosii si jumatate de litru de vin alb. Tava acoperita cu 3 straturi de folie de aluminiu (2 intr-un sens si unul in celalalt sens ca sa nu iasa nici pic de abur din tava) si data la cuptor la 120 de grade timp de o ora si jumatate folie de aluminiu Halibutul este un peste oceanic foarte gustos, cu carne slaba, ideal pentru mesele rapide de la pranz sau pentru cinele festive in familie. Pentru a-i pastra savoarea, il poti gati pe gratar, in folie de aluminiu, alaturi de ingrediente care ii pun si mai mult in valoare aroma deosebita: rosii cherry, dovlecei si rozmarin -2 cuburi de unt-un praf de piper Mod de preparare Peste in folie la cuptor. Pestele se curata si se spala bine se sareaza si pipereaza si se pune fiecare intr-o folie de aluminiu In interiorul lui se pune untul si feliile de lamaie. Daca aveti si rozmarin ii puteti pune si o crenguta de rozmarin care ii va da o savoare aparte. Se infasoara. Pornim cuptorul si il lasam sa se incinga foarte bine. Punem friptura de porc intr-o tava sau un vas termorezistent (cu tot cu marinada), ii mai adaugam 100 ml de apa si acoperim tava/ vasul cu o folie de aluminiu. Introducem tava cu friptura in cuptorul incins si o lasam in jur de 40 de minute la foc mediu (175-180 grade C)

Colacei pufosi cu fructe uscate, confiate

Colacei pufosi cu fructe uscate, confiate. Aceste chifle – coronite cu fructe confiate (merisoare, stafide, coaja confiata de portocala, nuci, alune etc) se fac din aluat dospit si sunt perfecte pentru mic dejun sau gustari. Sunt atat de fine si de aromate incat toata casa mirosea a coaja de lamaie si vanilie. In interior gasim surprize: merisoare, stafide dar si alte fructe confiate, dupa gustul si imaginatia fiecaruia.

These colacei pufosi cu fructe uscate, confiate sunt relativ simplu de facut si sunt gata una doua. Colacii sunt rumeni la exterior si pufosi (se desfac in caiere, pale) in interior.

Colaceii se pot oferi colindatorilor de Craciun sau Anul Nou. Pe lnag fructe uscat (deshidratate sau confiate) puteti pune si nuca sau alune, taiate din cutit.

From the ingredients below it results approx. 12 colacei pufosi cu fructe deshidratate.

Coronita de coaste cu umplutura de stafide si alune - Rețete

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Doamne ce buni sunt ! Aceasta reteta gasita pe site-ul Savori urbane este minunata.
Umplutura am facut-o diferit, cum sunt obisnuita s-o fac.

Mi-au iesit 2 cozonaci frumosi. Unul s-a terminat repede . Celalalt l-am taiat felii si le-am congelat cate 2.
Impecabil, cand le veti scoate si lasa un pic sa se dezghete vor fi la fel de proaspete.
Aveti here o varianta cu rahat si ciocolata.

Cozonacul este o prăjitură tradiţională românească, dar în egală măsură şi un desert bulgăresc (kozunak), sau un produs de patiserie italiană, numit „panettone”.
În ceea ce priveşte cozonacul românesc, caracte­ristică este imensa varietate de reţete. Fiecare regiune istorică are o reţetă, după cum si fieca­re familie are una, transmisă din generaţie în generaţie. Din punct de vedere al formei, cozonacii pot fi drepţi sau rotunzi, simpli sau împletiţi. Din punct de vedere al umpluturii, deosebim cozo­naci simpli sau umpluţi cu nucă, mac, fructe uscate, sau amestecuri. În Moldova sunt specifici cozo­nacii rotunzi si înalţi (numiţi babe), neumpluţi, a căror com­poziţie conţine până la 20 de ouă, unt, coji rase de lămâie sau/si portocale si stafide. În Ardeal se pregătesc mai ales cozonacii cu mac şi o variantă cu influenţe germane, cu zahăr ars, mult unt si nucă tocată mare.

*Cozonacul se pregăteşte mereu într-un loc cald, ferit de curenti reci de aer

* Ingredientele tre­buie să fie la tempe­ratura camerei atunci când se prepară alu­atul, iar vasul folosit trebuie să fie cald .


540 g faina
25 g drojdie proaspata sau 7 g uscata
140 g zahar brun
250 ml of warm milk
1 lingura extract de vanilie
grated peel from 1 orange
4 galbenusuri
75 g unt topit
5 g of salt
1 tablespoon oil
2 linguri de ulei pentru masa de lucru

1 galbenus de ou batut cu 1 lingura de lapte pentru uns cozonacii

Framantati in jur de 12 minute pana cand aluatul este neted si elastic. Va ramane lipicios.
Ungeti cu ulei o tava si puneti in ea aluatul cu mainile unse.

A 2a zi scoateti aluatul din frigider.
Pregatiti umplutura:
Puneti romul peste stafide si amestecati.
Puneti nucile 10 minute la cuptor la 160°C. Mixati-le fin.
Bateti albusurile spuma. Amestecati nuca macinata cu zaharul, ciocolata si stafidele.
Incorporati albusuruile si amestecati.
Puneti treptat laptele + sau - pana obtineti o consistenta cremoasa. Gustati verificati de zahar.

Ungeti suprafata de lucru cu ulei si impartiti aluatul in 4 parti egale.
Degazati si etalati in dreptunghi fiecare parte. Puneti cate 1/4 din umplutura si rulati.
Veti obtine 4 rulouri.
Tresati rulourile cate 2 si formati 2 cozonaci.

Asezati-i pe hartie de copt si puneti-i cu tot cu hartia de copt in tavele de chec/cozonac.
Lasati-i sa creasca 1 ora.
Preheat the oven to 180 ° C.
Ungeti cozonacii cu galbenusul amestecat cu lapte.
Dati la cuptorul incalzit timp de 20 de minute - puneti-i pe sina cea mai de jos.

2. Ecler cu ciocolată de roșcove și cremă de nuci și stafide

Energizante și savuroase, eclerele cu ciocolată de roșcove și cremă de nuci și stafide sunt preferate și de cei mici și de cei mari…

Ca și în rețeta anterioară de ecler, pentru eclerele cu ciocolată și cremă de nuci și stafide avem nevoie de următoarele ingrediente:

umplutura din nuci și stafide (miezul de la 15 -20 de nuci și 250 g de stafide se blendăresc până se obține o pastă fină)

glazura pentru eclere se face din ciocolată de roșcove ( 250 g de lapte praf de soia, 150 g de pudră de roșcove, 100 g de stafide, 100 ml apă – se mixează fin, iar dacă compoziția este prea subțire se mai adaugă puțină pudră de migdale obținute prin râșnire).

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