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Fasting soup made of dew mushrooms with vegetables

Fasting soup made of dew mushrooms with vegetables

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Green onions and peppers are cleaned, washed and cut into pieces.

Saute in a pot in oil with the frozen carrot cubes for about 5 minutes.

Then add the frozen dew mushrooms, add plain water, salt and pepper to taste and simmer for 30 minutes.

We try the carrots, if they are cooked we add 2 tablespoons of broth and freshly chopped greens.

Turn off the heat, cover the pot, let the flavors blend and after 5-10 minutes portion and serve.

Good appetite!

Post drob

We offer you a recipe for vegetable drob: tasty, full and healthy. It is a food that we can prepare not only in fasts, but at any time, because it is a very successful recipe. You will definitely do this drob several times.

Lenten, vegetable - recipe

Depending on your preferences, you can give up mushrooms or spinach. Rice is a must, but you can replace it with soy or walnut kernels.

• salt, pepper, oregano, sweet paprika

First, we prepare two saucepans. In one we boil the potatoes in their skins (wash well before), with as much water as they contain, and in the other, the rice. To 1 cup of rice, put 2 cups of water. After the first boils, put the lid on the rice, and leave it for 10 minutes, without lifting the lid, then turn off the heat and leave it for another 10 minutes, with the lid covered. During this time, the rice will absorb the remaining water, and will be well cooked.

Meanwhile, peel the onion and garlic, finely chop, and fry in a little oil. Add the finely chopped mushrooms. Bake for 15 minutes.

Wash the spinach well and scald briefly. Carrots and celery are grated. Cut the olives into slices. Wash the parsley and dill well and chop finely.

After they have cooled a little, the potatoes are peeled and passed, like puree.

In a large bowl, mix all the ingredients: mashed potatoes, boiled rice, onion, garlic and mushrooms, parsley and dill, breadcrumbs and spices. Mix well to obtain a homogeneous composition.

To bake the cake, you can use two cake trays, a round tray, or a rectangular or square tray, depending on how you want the cake to look. The chosen tray is lined with baking paper, and the composition is placed in it. Level well on top to get a smooth surface. You can place slices of tomatoes or strips of red donut on top. Bake the dough in the preheated oven for about half an hour, or until golden brown.

After removing the dough from the oven, let it cool well, then put it in the fridge for 3-4 hours, then serve. It will coagulate much better. Do not cut it hot, as it will crumble.

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Here is a recipe for fasting fillings:

Vegetarian stuffed peppers

Vegetarian stuffed peppers

I cut the peppers in half and cleaned them of stalks and seeds. I placed them in a tray.

I finely chopped the mushrooms, the eggplant pulp and the pumpkin pulp. I chopped the parsley and grated the tomatoes (or in a mixer).

I mixed all the chopped vegetables, rice, parsley, 4 tablespoons oil and seasoned with salt, pepper and a little dill. I also added 3 tablespoons of broth because the tomatoes seemed a bit tasteless.

I filled the peppers with this mixture.

I poured another 4-5 tablespoons of oil into the pan, plus 1 cup of water and 150 ml of broth. I covered the tray with aluminum foil, making sure it was tightly closed.

I put it in the oven at 200C for 1 hour.

Serve sprinkled with the sauce from the pan. Those who are not vegan can also serve with sour cream.

Easter fasting 2020. Fasting recipes. Fasting belly soup. The special ingredient you need

Fasting recipes. Fasting belly soup. The special ingredient you need

If you like belly soup and now you fast or do not usually eat meat, you should know that there is an excellent alternative to the classic recipe. It is a fake belly soup and it looks amazingly similar to the usual one.



Easter fasting 2020. Fasting recipes. Fasting belly soup. Here's how to make a fake belly soup, in other words a "belly" soup with Pleurotus mushrooms. Pleurotus mushrooms can be found in any supermarket, at a price of 12-16 lei kg.

First boil the mushrooms in water, in which you put a mixture of dehydrated vegetables, a kind of natural vegetable, and separately fry the carrot a little (or what vegetables everyone wants to use). At the end, put the garlic and the cream substitute, ie cashew cream or, better, fasting yogurt. You can sour the soup directly in a plate with apple cider vinegar or lemon juice. And don't forget the hot peppers, if you like! These are, in short, the steps you will follow.

Remember! Instead of the cream you put in the classic recipe, you can confidently use fasting yogurt, which is made from soy or coconut. You can buy fasting yogurt from supermarkets, a 200 g glass costs up to 4-5 lei.

Ingredients for Lent Belly Soup

- 500 grams of Pleurotus mushrooms (costs 6-8 lei)
- 2-2.5 liters of water
- 2 tablespoons of vegeta
- a carrot (a quarter of celery and a little parsley root - optional)
- 2 cloves of garlic
- 100 ml of oil
- salt, pepper to taste
- lemon juice or vinegar for sour
- yogurt or fasting cream

Method of preparation Fasting belly soup

Wash the Pleurotus mushrooms in running water and then let them simmer for a while.
Cut the mushrooms into strips (to imitate as well as possible those from the classic soup)

Put the 2-2.5 liters of water to boil together with the 2 tablespoons of natural vegetables.

While the water is boiling, the carrots (and the other vegetables - celery, parsley) are grated on a small grater.
Put a pan on the fire and heat the oil.
Add the carrot and sauté for 2-3 minutes, stirring to avoid burning.

When the water starts to boil, add the slices of chopped mushrooms and the hardened carrot (vegetables).

Add salt and pepper to taste and simmer together for 20-30 minutes, cover the bowl with a lid until the mushrooms and carrots (vegetables) are boiling. When they are ready, turn down the heat and add the yogurt or fasting cream.

At the end, add the crushed garlic.

Mix everything well and the fasting belly soup is ready!

Serve with vinegar (apple or regular) or lemon juice and hot peppers, if you like.

Pictures with sponges

pictures of forest sponges Page 1 of 5. You may also be interested in: sponge ciulama, how to fry hazelnuts, cakes with pictures, bitter bone pictures, sponges with sponges. You may also be interested in: sponge cake, cake with pictures, bitter bone pictures, sponge cakes, sponge meatballs, plum sponges, garlic sponges, pickled milk sponges in winter, recipes with forest sponges, black sponge Beech sponges (Beech trout) - Pleurotus ostreatus, are often considered the easiest mushrooms to grow. You can use different types of substrates, including wood, straw, sawdust and cellulose (used newspapers and cardboard or toilet paper). The easiest way to grow them is in a roll of moistened toilet paper. Pictures of sponges Here are the most relevant pictures of sponges from Picture: Pickled sponges. Picture: Sponge food with garlic. Picture: Penelope Cruz and Helen Mirren wore sponge buttocks. Picture: Panties instead of sponge dishes, on the Seaside. Picture: Elisabeta Lipa: Minister Placinta doesn't even know what a runway looks like

Mushroom consumption: Beware of mushroom poisoning. 06-05-2020 Mushrooms. During this period, a fairly large number of people use different types of mushrooms in markets or unauthorized places, harvested from the natural environment (meadows or forests) under the pretext that they distinguish edible mushrooms from those considered poisonous. ** - pictures. Snake hat or Snake sponge - Macrolepiota procera. It is also called Parasol (English). Its surface is covered with snake-like scales, in our country it is called snake hat or snake sponges .. .There are over 200 species that are certainly toxic, but only a few cause deadly poisoning. Here are listed only a few s The foot is 15-35 cm high and 1-3 cm thick, gray in color, with numerous brown scales, arranged in transverse bands, cylindrical, bulbous at the base. The ring is mobile, yellowish-white, smooth towards the foot and hairy at the other end. The flesh is white, turns brown, has a sweet hazelnut taste and a pleasant smell

Sponge clumsy pictures - p2 - Recipes-Tasty

  • it's in the area they are called hot sponges, and in Sibiu they are called white sponges (I attached an image with them, you should know what kind of sponges they say)
  • Rainy weather in combination with hot days favors the appearance of fungi. What are the most delicious, but also the simplest recipes with jaguars, recommended by the foresters from Vâlcea, found in this material
  • . 25
  • What poisonous mushrooms look like. List of inedible mushrooms, with pictures. Poisonous mushrooms can be found everywhere, and because they are very similar to those we can eat, people often end up confusing.

Types and Species of Edible Mushrooms: Description and

  1. Pleurotus mushrooms 36 recipes: Pleurotus mushroom stew, Pleurotus mushroom stew, Pleurotus mushrooms au gratin with parmesan and walnuts, Risotto with pleurotus mushrooms, Pleurotus mushrooms with sour cream, Pleurotus mushrooms with cream
  2. Main dishes # food # sponges # mushrooms # garlic Sponge food with garlic Sponge food with garlic Sponge food with garlic is a recipe that our grandparents usually prepare in the country. But if you have found fresh sponges in the market, do not avoid this dish, which is very easy to prepare and very nutritious.
  3. Free collection of pictures of mushrooms. The collection includes over 38 pictures that can be downloaded for free
  4. The most beautiful boys with pictures are on Come on in! - Sociable, but let's exchange lines. Everyone wants to eat something else not only soup soup) so without shame if you want to have a beautiful adventure write to me or answer me without shame I at least am honest why under here

Pictures of sponges - at home

  • Mushroom sticker. Everything with and about mushrooms. Encyclopedia, recipes, comparisons, recommendations, guide to everyone's taste with and about the mushroom
  • Free collection of pictures with sponges. The collection includes over 16 pictures that can be downloaded for free
  • sponge recipes: search results for sponge recipes. sponge recipes
  • Once I was picking dew sponges, I picked up a clitocyba to study it better at home. At first it was white and you could easily distinguish it from sponges, but when I got home it had changed its color to yellow-brown and it looked a lot like sponges at a superficial look. So be careful! Answer Delete
  • I made only half of the amount of ingredients, because I didn't have a kettle or pan that could hold more than 3-4 liters of zacusca. I got 10 jars of 300ml plus a bowl for tasting and pictures. It was very good, delicious, especially after it cooled well in the fridge. I recommend with confidence
  • relevant with sponge spin pictures. Funny pictures and images grouped in 6 main categories: pictures of animals, pictures of people, pictures of motorbikes, holiday pictures, pictures and various pictures. We invite you to add pictures and images that you found interesting so that everyone can see them.

1.5 kg mushrooms (dew sponges) 1 l oil 500 ml broth 5 bay leaves 2 glasses of cold water 1 tablespoon ground pepper 2 lg salt & ltbr / & gt & ltbr / & gt The whole garden was dressed in sweet copper tones smells of ripe eggplant , a gogosar si rubiniu. It's a big commotion in the yard - with a small one, with a big buchisesc in the old cookbook after ZACUSCA WITH SPONGES Rice pilaf with mushrooms, fasting recipe with step by step pictures. Rice with mushrooms and vegetables, recipe. How to make a fasting rice pilaf with vegetables and mushrooms. I love rice, so the other day, when I had this mushroom rice pilaf on the table, although it is a simple, fasting food, I felt pampered. Species with which it resembles: Calocybe gambosa (nicoreti, May sponges), edible species. INOCYBE PATOUILLARDII Basic features: white mushroom with bell-shaped hat with traces of pink-reddish when the olive-brown slats are touched or scratched Home »Posts tagged 'sponges' Sponge ads (4) Price: 30 ron . Establishment of mushrooms. Culture technology in Pleurotus spp. From A to Z. Color picture book, updated, 228 pages for beginners and advanced, for students, masters, doctoral students. It includes the conditions of establishment.

sponges Usually the space under the sink becomes a place that we avoid looking at because we end up easily filling it with a lot of objects, which makes it difficult to keep order. There we hide stacks of kitchen towels, consumables for washing dishes, old sponges, cleaning materials, recycled paper bags and much more. - 3 kg sponges - 2 kg eggplant - 2.5 kg onions - 1.5-2 kg carrots - 500 g broth - 800 ml oil - 4-5 bay leaves - salt and pepper to taste Preparation: As usual , I forget to take pictures from the moment of preparation. In this recipe I forgot to take pictures when baking donuts, eggplants. So, cook the donuts, eggplant and peppers

Details and comments photo sponges 1 from the photo album Calafuria (Livorno) Italy. Image added by crista. Comment, Publish / Recommend this photo Leather Sponges Save your search to receive notifications when new ads appear that match your criteria. I urgently buy mushrooms and berries. We buy spinach sponges, dew sponges, wrinkles, mushrooms, yellows and berries in industrial quantities, these can be fresh, dried or frozen. Polyurethane foam sponge, upholstery sponge, upholstery sponge, polyurethane sponge, polyurethane sponge. here you can now find complete information from images with the product, its uses and other details! WE DELIVER to INDIVIDUALS, PER PIECE, through FAN CURIER in general or another company if it benefits you. You are the one to visit. However, the group is extremely specialized and very well adapted to a certain type of life and nutrition. Sponges are the most primitive metazoans, with a spongy body, due to the skeletal elements contained. Widespread, the sponge Euspongia officinalis, with a colony diameter of up to 15-25 cm, common in the Mediterranean Sea, was.

, Mattress Armchair Bestway inflatable bed (193 x 102 x 64 cm), Extendable sofas MRI-sofa beds-custom furniture, Extensible sofas-sofa beds-furniture and furniture, Page Sponge viper (Amanita phalloides) has greenish or olive color. The flesh is white, with a bad smell, especially in old mushrooms. It grows in coniferous and deciduous forests, through bushes, from June to October. Symptoms of intoxication with this fungus appear late (after 10-12 hours) offers you the opportunity to publish free ads for your city and its surroundings. You will easily find on interesting free ads from Bucharest, Ilfov and other cities in the country and you will be able to easily get in touch with those who published them. On you will find jobs, apartments and rooms for rent, used cars and mobile phones at low prices Galbiorii, with scientific name Chantarellus Cibarius, popularly known as WOOL PADS yellow, are edible mushrooms, with fruity taste, and is very well suited to be preserved in various ways: pickled, frozen, dried. They can be easily confused with False yolk, an edible mushroom in turn, but.

Species of forest mushrooms from Romani

  1. Plum sponge. Every spring I go to familiar places and pick plum sponges. Basically there are some edible mushrooms that grow in orchards, especially plum. pigeon. Plum sponges have a longer and bare leg.
  2. I also confirm that an omelet with Coprinus comatus is delicious. Unfortunately, I haven't found it in a long time or, when I found it, they were old, with black slats and that liquid like ink. As for the yellows, they are my favorites. About 10 days ago I ate a stew with a little garlic
  3. The soup can be prepared with fresh sponges, as they were picked from the forest, or with dry sponges for the winter. The only condition if you pick them personally is to have the guarantee that the sponges are edible and only good to turn into soup.

. Zacusca with eggplant and baked peppers (capia or donuts), with onion and tomato broth. The mother also puts vegetables (carrots, parsley, parsnips, celery) for the jam. Find out details about SPARK VESSEL SPARKS, 10pcs / set and see the opinions of others. Discounts, promotions, special offers for Cleaning Products on ShopMania Marinated mushrooms for winter or mushrooms in vinegar, or mushroom salad in vinegar for winter, this recipe has several names. In short, it is a mixture of mushrooms of any kind (ghebe, champignons, sponges, yolks, mushrooms) with onions and bell peppers, in sweet-sour-spicy vinegar

On mushrooms: Mushrooms (Boletus edulis) - *** - pictures

VeeShop offers you a full, black swimsuit, made of very good quality lycra material, completely lined. The suit is a special model, very cut, the bra is small, without cups or sponges, it only partially covers the breasts, the brief is tied in front with cords, it is narrow both in front and in the back and has high cuts on the sides. mushrooms, mix well and bring to the boil. When the stew is almost ready, add the sour cream, salt to taste and sprinkle with green parsley. Do not add salt from the beginning because the mushrooms leave a lot of water. We served it with polenta made with milk. A traditional meal, like at home mother Dew sponges are a species of field mushroom, highly appreciated since antiquity for the special taste and properties it brings to our health. They are a food very rich in protein, which cooks very quickly and easily

2 kg of beech sponges (or pleurotus) 0.5 l of water. 0.3 apple cider vinegar or cider. 3-4 bay leaves. 10-15 peppercorns. 1/2 dill connection. 3-4 cloves of garlic. 1 tablespoon sea salt. Method of preparation. Wash the mushrooms very well, in more water, because they have a lot of sand. Some days are fancy, with homemade ice cream with Oreo cookies and Turkish Simit, others are like this, like at home, like in childhood, with polenta with cheese and sowed and especially with the yellow stew. May God keep you safe, how good it could have been! In the first phase, I was a little scared to get to work, because no whole housewife does stew on these heats. Articles tagged with: sponges. The fruits of the earth. Published on June 29, 2011 by George Secareanu. Come to the table! I put bellows cheese and a grain of butter on each but I didn't get to take pictures because I was on duty at the pan! More Blog pictures at Theme:.

Real photos. Free shipping. In SICAP. Opening the package. over 6000 landmarks & gt 50,000 customers. Payment by card. Sponge with classic groove 10pcs. Classic groove cleaning sponges. Grooved dish sponges are easy to use, cleaning efficiently and quickly. In two layers: the soft part of the sponge for washing and the rough and thick fiber. Fine kitchen sponges. Perfect for cleaning plates and cooking utensils. Made of very absorbent sponge with high resistance. Removes difficult stains without scratching surfaces. With a larger size, thus ensuring comfort and efficiency in use. Quantity: 5 pieces per se Serve hot with polenta. The plum sponge or the comb of the comb is an edible mushroom with a very high gastronomic value with a very pleasant smell and taste. It is a fungus that lives in symbiosis with the roots of some trees with which it forms mycorrhizae. It belongs to the Entolomaceae family genus Entoloma Sponge dishes with Oti Clean groove 85x65x40mm (3pc.set) - Sponge dishes with Oti Clean groove 85x65x40mm (3pc.set) .jp

We buy in unlimited quantities at exceptional prices: spinach sponges, dew sponges, wrinkles, mushrooms, yellows, craites and berries, fresh, dried or frozen. Find out more details about us at www.silvicola.wgz.r , From Natural Lufa from eMAG! You have the freedom to pay in installments, benefit from the promotions of the day, opening the package upon delivery, easybox, free return in 30 days and Instant Money Back

Poisonous mushrooms - Wikipedia

  • - a few small pieces of stone sponges for air, thermometers, many meters of hoses, coils for neons, - all parts are used and are 100% functional, I put pictures later in the evening or tomorrow if anyone is interested. contact PM, mess calibraxxl_seba or tel 0767230512 ----
  • I think only as a local delicacy, picked by the peasants in the area. What else do I crave for some jute on your Ascona, stuffed with cheese, butter and pepper, warm, hot and a little bitter. If you taste it raw, some are like hot peppers, but more fragrant. there, like yellows and ghebes, but I really haven't eaten the bear's paw for a long time
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Edible mushrooms Snake hat Sponge snake

  1. cornelia 11 years ago - 6 February 2009 10:11. Re: Zacusca with mushrooms. dear Ioana, my daughter does the same as you (BLEAHHH!) to any other zacusca that is not like her mother's .. And, like your mother, last autumn, I also jumped, with great grace, over the zacusti chapter But I was going to pay dearly (literally!) For this jump, because I had to prepare them now, in the middle of winter, to make them.
  2. Dew Sponge or May Sponge (Marasmius oreades) is presented and described according to its morphological appearance along with its poisonous smile Clitocybe dealbata. A blog dedicated to those interested in growing Pleurotus mushrooms, mushrooms and other species. Medicinal mushrooms, mushroom recipes, edible and forest mushrooms.
  3. e, as it seemed to me that it should be tasty and I did not fail. A grade 20 zacusca came out, very tasty, dense, aromatic, buttery - perfect

Jute (Lactarius Piperatus) are also called hot sponges, milky sponges or hot lettuce. They are found almost everywhere in the forests of Romania and ripen in July-September. When I was little and I went with my grandmother to the forest for mushrooms, jute was the most common. Relief of defecation in the case of hard stools, hemorrhoids, anal fissures. Action: Mechanical laxative. Contraindications: Prolonged use, very rarely, can cause anorectal irritations. Composition: Glycerol 2085.6 mg for one suppository. Method of administration: It is administered intrarectally, one suppository as needed. Photo gallery. Picture gallery. The best online offers: discounts at your favorite stores! The various scratches on satin stainless steel or scotch brite are cleaned with impregnated nylon sponges. The deeper traces are sanded with iron free abrasive sponges. Always follow the finishing lines of the surface

They are good sauces, fried, in soups, associated with cream, chicken or vegetables, white wine. They taste like chicken with lemon and firm texture. Mushrooms should not be eaten raw taste better sauteed in butter or prepared in sour cream sauce, served on toast or rice. Holders for presentation, display and storage of handmade jewelry. In this category we offer a wide range of models of supports and displays for earrings, rings, bracelets, necklaces, but also for mixed use Cleaner with magnetic surface with sponges for windows. Magnetic sponge cleaner for windows is an innovative and surprising device, specially designed for cleaning glass. This magnetic sponge cleaner for windows is much more comfortable and easy to use, especially for narrow corners and small areas

Does anyone know how to keep hot sponges for winter (white

We offer sponge (say polyurethane) for upholstery mattresses and other destinations. Our company deals with the sale of sponge of different sizes and densities. (density of: 18, 21, 23, 25, 28, 30, 36 kg / m3). The maximum dimensions that can be cut are length 200 cm, width 120 cm and thickness from 1 cm to 40 cm. It can be any smaller size Forest sponges German photography. A balloon filled with water has just been broken! previous picture The whole scene is made of food next picture. Comments 9.3 out of 21 notes Rope jumping. Art Photos:: Thursday, March 22, 2007. A balloon filled with water has just been broken

Shrubs with cream is a very tasty mushroom ciulama, easy to make but rare because we can pick these forest sponges in April from the forests. Wrinkles are the first edible sponges that appear in our deciduous forests only in spring, and you only find them for a few days, in case there were heavy rains. This food is specific. Wig sponge (Coprinus comatus - not to be consumed with alcohol), crayfish tail (Argentina anserina or Potentilla anserina), May sponges, St. George's sponge or mushroom (Calocybe gambosa), wild chicory, fennel or spruce (Foeniculum vulgare ), wild mint Freshwater planted aquariums are extraordinarily beautiful, they combine a pleasant and natural design with some beautiful colors of aquarium plants and the movement and color of aquarium fish.. Aquarium plants are so different from each other according to the division of species, they differ in color, shape, dimensions, areas, textures, etc.

Năstica Bureti is on Facebook. Sign up for Facebook to get in touch with Năstica Bureti and others you might know. Facebook gives people the power to communicate and do. Cases of inedible mushroom poisoning have been more frequent in recent years, so we need to sound the alarm in this case. Whether you buy them from the market from unauthorized sellers, or pick them yourself, it is important to differentiate edible mushrooms from those that can hurt you. Romanian and international recipes - Gastronomic portal with over forty thousand recipes, both specifically nationally, as well as from the international cuisine recipes with recipes with pictures. Illustrated recipes: Recipe of the day: Homemade pie with strawberries 6 MAY 2015 Homemade pie with strawberries from: flour, sugar, salt, butter, whipped milk, strawberries, sugar, brown sugar, starch, sea salt, lemon juice, ginger, egg

Beekeeping and beekeeping in Romania, beekeeping, bees, honey. Section for pictures, where you can upload different pictures related to beekeeping Buy Set of 2 sleeves, with short sponges, on hand, black / yellow, YTGT-50099 from eMAG! You have the freedom to pay in installments, benefit from the promotions of the day, opening the package upon delivery, easybox, free return in 30 days and Instant Money Back

PHOTO The most delicious and simple recipes with hot sponges

P Seller PowerSeller Polish Porsche Classic Car Care Set 252 Lei Set for polish containing a 250 ml polish and parts with code: PCG90102140 (sponges) and PCG90101140 (microfiber cloth). G Seller Gold Polish Carpoint Sponge Set Soft / Extra Soft / Medium 150MM 120 Lei Polish Carpoint Sponge Set Soft / Extra Soft / Medium 150MM The set contains. RECIPE PREPARATION Dew sponge stew with polenta: We clean all the vegetables well, wash them and then cut them into small pieces. In a little oil, heat the onion, pepper and tomato until glassy, ​​then add the mushrooms without stalks. Add a little water, season, add the finely chopped garlic and simmer, let it boil covered. Sponge dishes 2 pieces Sponge dishes 2 pieces package they are indispensable in any household, being made of polyurethane foam, covered with lurex material, it makes them the most suitable for the effective washing and cleaning of dishes such as: plates, bowls, trays, pots, pans, etc. They are also ideal for washing cutlery and kitchen utensils such as knives.

Video: Pleurotus sponge with vegetables, Petitche Recipe

What poisonous mushrooms look like

With an experience in the floristic world of over 25 years, we sell on the Romanian market a wide range of flower products, flower packaging and floral accessories. Artificial flowers, cryogenic plants, flower heads, satin rolls, rabant, cellophane, nets, lace, pins, pliers, sprays, boxes, pots, vases, candles, balloons. Tell others! 454 454Shares Ever since this cold weather I've been cooking soups and broths. A warm liquid works wonders in winter when you are chilled. Be it tea, soup or sour soup with a little borscht. So I kept cooking various combinations. Unfortunately, I didn't take pictures of all the soups I cooked along. salt and pepper How to proceed: Clean the sponges, wash them well with cold water to remove all impurities and chop them. Cut the onion and green garlic and put it on low heat in a little oil. After the garlic and onion have softened, add the chopped mushrooms

2. Pumpkin boats with mushrooms. These pumpkin boats are healthy and tasty, perfect to be served for lunch or dinner when you do not have much time and want to prepare a quick dish. I like to chop vegetables with a knife because I have the impression that eggplant zacusca comes out even tastier. After boiling the zacusca, stir in it every 10 minutes or even more often to prevent it from sticking to the bottom of the pan and burning. Mushrooms with cream and garlic - see here. As well as a delicacy: mushrooms (or other mushrooms) with garlic - fasting - see here. It is worth trying this recipe for pleurotus mushroom dish with onions, vegetables and tomato sauce - fasting recipe

Pleurotus mushrooms - 36 recipes - Petitche

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Mancare de bureti cu usturoi - Acas

Weekend-ul trecut am fost la Lepsa. Sunt vreo 300 km din Iasi prin Bacau, Tisita, Panciu, Bolotesti, Tulnici si Lepsa. Durata drumului: 4h 30 minute [. ] — scrise de lumicon38 despre [Cazări diverse / LEPȘA return to normal view mode Language. Language. Afrikaans [ZA] Afrikaans Argentina [AR] Argentina Azərbaycanca [AZ] Azərbaycanca Bahasa Indonesia [ID] Bahasa Indonesia Brasil [BR] Brasil Brezhoneg [FR] Brezhoneg Català [CA] Català Česky [CZ] Česky Dansk [DK] Dansk Deutsch [DE] Deutsch Dhivehi [MV] Dhivehi English [GB] English English [UK] English English [US] English Español [ES] Españo

Poze Ciuperci. Descarca imagini cu ciuperci gratui

Te-ar mai putea interesa CIUPERCĂRIA? O afacere cu MULTE PROBLEME, spune fermierul PUIU ILISEI! 15 ianuarie 2019 16:29 Cum se cultivă trufele în România și câți bani se pot câștiga din această afacere. Secretele ciupercii-caviar 30 septembrie 2013 05:30 COLECTAREA CIUPERCILOR SĂLBATICE, o afacere profitabilă. POVEȘTILE ROMÂNILOR care fac bani cu HRIBI ȘI GĂLBIORI USCAȚI 14 mai. Retete culinare cu bureti pe Garbo. Perioada postului inca nu s-a terminat. Asadar iti oferim ocazia sa pregatesti si sarmale de post Magazine şi preţuri - Echipamente de curăţenie Fino Bureti vase Fino set 10 bucati (FINOBV10) 5,90 RON!: (Bureti vase Fino set 10 bucati FINOBV 10 ) Set 10 bureti pentru vase cu fibra abraziva verde rezistenta, buretele nu retine mizeria, capacitate mare de curatare, rezista la temperaturi mari si detergenti. Alege: Bureti Invata sa pregatesti cele mai delicioase mancaruri cu ciuperci, urmand retetele propuse de Diva Hair Ciupercile cele mai tinere si mai omogene, mai dense, le aleg pentru a le usca. Se curata ciupercile de frunze si de pamant, se spala bine cu apa rece, cat mai putina, pentru a nu se muia lamelele de pe dosul ciupercilor si a se desprinde in timpul uscarii (mai ales daca am gasit ciuperci mai mari, adica nu destul de tinere, asa cum mi-as fi dorit )

Ingrediente Tocăniță de ciuperci – de post

  • 500 de grame de ciuperci proaspete (eu am folosit ciuperci champinion, se pot folosi orice ciuperci vă sunt pe plac – gălbiori, ciuperci brune, pleurotus etc.)
  • 100 de grame de ceapă (1 ceapă mare, eu am folosit o ceapă roșie de mărime medie și 1 fir de ceapă verde în completare)
  • 1-2 căței de usturoi (după cât de mari sunt și după cât de usturoiat vă place)
  • 100-150 de grame de ardei (eu am folosit 2 ardei mici, unul roșu și unul galben, împreună au avut 130 de grame, gata curățați de cotor și semințe)
  • 30 ml. of oil
  • 150 ml. de passata de roșii sau 2 roșii mari, opărite, decojite de pieliță și tăiate în cuburi
  • 1 bunch of parsley and pepper

Preparare Tocăniță de ciuperci – de post

1. Primul pas pentru a prepara tocănița de ciuperci este să curățăm și să tocăm ceapa. Și să zdrobim usturoiul, să nu-l uităm! Ardeii se taie fâșii sau cubulețe, cum preferați. Eu i-am lăsat în bucăți măricele, ca să își păstreze ceva din textură și pentru că mi s-au părut că au culori foarte frumoase. Ciupercile se curăță bine și se taie în sferturi sau jumătăți (după cât sunt de mari).

2. Se încinge pe foc mediu o tigaie sau o cratiță largă, încăpătoare, se adaugă uleiul și apoi ceapa tocată și usturoiul zdrobit, presărându-se de la început și cu puțină sare. Se călește 2-3 minute, cât să înceapă să se înmoaie ceapa.

3. În tigaie se adaugă ardeiul, se amestecă, se reduce focul și se călesc legumele în continuare timp de 6-7 minute. Atenție, nu urmărim să le rumenim, doar să se înmoaie, așa că e bine să supraveghem tigaia în acest răstimp și să mai amestecăm din când în când.

4. După ce ceapa s-a înmuiat de-a binelea, mărim din nou focul la mediu, urmând să adăugăm imediat ciupercile.

5. Ei bine, dacă tot facem o tocăniță de ciuperci, a venit, în sfârșit, rândul ciupercilor! Le punem în tigaie pe toate deodată și amestecăm. Am mărit focul puțin pentru că ciupercile vor lăsa multă apă care e bine să se evapore rapid. Nu vă îngrijorați dacă tigaia pare cam încărcată în această fază! Foarte repede, ciupercile vor pierde din volum și vor încăpea perfect.

6. După ce ciupercile și-au pierdut volumul (câteva minute din momentul în care le-am adăugat în tigaie), se adaugă passata de roșii sau roșiile proaspete, decojite de pieliță și tăiate cubulețe. Se fierbe totul împreună la foc mediu încă 10-12 minute, cât să fie tocănița de ciuperci potrivit de scăzută, după gustul vostru.


7. În final, se asezonează tocănița de ciuperci cu sare și piper și se presară cu pătrunjelul verde tocat. Se servește caldă, alături de garnitura preferată (care în cazul nostru a fost un orez alb, simplu).

A fost foarte gustoasă, îndestulătoare și aromată tocănița asta de ciuperci! Dacă hotărâți să o pregătiți și voi, spor la treabă și poftă mare!

Supă cu găluște de post

Supa cu găluște de post se face simplu și rapid și este extrem de gustoasă. Normal că gustul și consistența găluștelor de post diferă de cele „de dulce”, dar asta nu le face mai puțin gustoase, ci doar… altfel.

  1. Taie mărunt ceapa, morcovul, păstârnacul, țelina (pe ultimele 3 le poți da pe răzătoare chiar, dacă îți e mai ușor). Asezonează cu sare, piper și boia și lasă la călit într-o oală înaltă, până se înmoaie.
  2. Adaugă peste 2 litri de apă. Lasă la fiert 10-15 minute.
  3. Între timp, ocupă-te de găluște cu gris. Combină făina cu grișul, amidonul și ceapa tocată mărunt de tot cu puțină apă călduță, până obții o pastă omogenă.
  4. De îndată ce s-a format pasta, formează găluștele cu lingura și pune-le imediat în oală, la fiert. (Dacă nu faci asta și lași compoziția pentru găluște să stea, îți vor ieși tari!)
  5. Lasă-le 5-10 minute la fiert, apoi oprește focul. Adaugă pătrunjelul tocat, pune capacul și lasă să mai stea 5 minute.

Alte rețete de supe delicioase de post:

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Ciorbe de post – rețete de ciorbe fără carne

Rețetă ciorbă de varză


  • 1 varză acră medie
  • 1 carrot
  • 1 onion
  • 2 potatoes
  • 1 parsnip root
  • 1 teaspoon dried thyme
  • 2 roşii în bulion
  • 1/2 litru zeamă de varză
  • 1 lingura ulei.

Cabbage soup

Method of preparation:

Depending on how salty the cabbage is, leave it to soak in cold water the night before or just for a few hours. Then cut the fidelity. In the soup pot, add the oil and harden the finely chopped onion, the carrot passed on a large grater, as well as the parsnip. Allow to soften slightly and add the cabbage and diced potatoes. Add water depending on how thick you want the cabbage soup to come out and let it boil. Add the peeled tomatoes, cabbage juice and bring to a boil. Când ciorba de varza este gata, deasupra se presară cimbrul uscat şi se stinge focul.

Sursă rețetă:

Ciorbă de lobodă


  • 1 kg lobodă
  • 1 legatură ceapă
  • 1-2 tablespoons breadcrumbs
  • 300 ml borş
  • 300 ml smântână de post
  • 1 legatură leuştean
  • salt
  • 2 linguri ulei.

Method of preparation:

Se curăţă loboda de codiţe, se rupe şi se spală în câteva ape. Se pune într-o oală de 3 litri cu apă şi puţin ulei şi se lasă la opărit. După ce s-a înmuiat, se scoate într-o sită şi se lasă să se scurgă bine, apoi se toacă mărunt cu un tocător de lemn.

Între timp, se taie ceapa mărunt şi se căleşte în puţin ulei. Se stinge cu o lingură de pesmet şi se adaugă loboda tocată. Compoziţia se omogenizează cu zeama în care a fiert loboda şi se lasă să fiarbă în continuare, la foc mic, până dă în câteva clocote. Separat, se pune borşul să clocotească şi, după aceea, se adaugă în ciorba de loboda. După ce a fiert ciorba, se opreşte focul şi se adaugă smântâna de post, se amestecă uşor ca să se omogenizeze bine şi se serveşte ornată cu leuştean proaspăt tocat mărunt.

Sursă rețetă:

Peasant potato soup


  • 2 litri apă
  • 1 legatura ceapă verde
  • 8-10 cartofi
  • 1 dill connection
  • 1 bunch of parsley
  • 1 legatura leuştean
  • salt
  • 1 pepper powder
  • borş
  • 2 linguri ulei de măsline.

Method of preparation:

Se pune la fiert ceapa tocată mărunt în apă cu sare şi cu 2 linguriţe de ulei. When the water has started to boil, add the peeled and diced potatoes. Se lasă să fiarbă aproximativ 40 de minute la foc potrivit, să nu se zdrobească şi, spre sfârşit, se potrivesc cu sare şi piper. Separat, se spală verdeaţa în câteva ape, se toacă mărunt, iar apoi se adaugă în ciorbă, spre sfârşit, împreună borşul. Se mai lasă să clocotească câteva minute şi se opreşte focul. Ciorba taraneasca cu cartofi se serveşte caldă, ornată cu leuştean verde şi, dacă mai este nevoie, se adaugă şi zeamă de lămâie.

Sursă rețetă:

Ciorbă de legume


  • an onion
  • 2 carrots
  • o mână mazăre
  • o mână fasole păstai
  • 2-3 potatoes
  • 3 roșii bine coapte
  • a teaspoon of oil
  • salt
  • sucul a două lămâi
  • pătrunjel pentru servit.

Ciorbă de legume

Method of preparation:

Se taie mărunt legumele și se pun într-un castron cu apă. Se pun la fiert doi litri de apă cu un praf de sare și se pune ceapa la fiert. Se adaugă morcovii, se lasă 10 minute, apoi cartofii, se lasă 15 minute. Se pun mazarea, fasolea și roșiile bine coapte. Se mai lasă 10 minute pe foc. Se trage vasul, se gustă, se acrește cu sucul de lămâie, după gust. Ciorba de legume se aduce la masă cu ulei deasupra și patrunjel.

Sursă rețetă:

Ciorbă de spanac


  • 100 ml de ulei
  • 1 kg spanac
  • O mână frunze verzi de ceapă
  • 5 căței de usturoi
  • O legătură leuștean
  • Oțet și sare.

Ciorbă de spanac – ciorbe de post

Method of preparation:

Se spală spanacul în cel puțin 3 ape. Ulterior se pune uleiul la încins într-un vas de 3 litri și se adaugă frunzele de ceapă tăiate mărunt. Se lasă la călit puțin, apoi se adaugă spanacul rupt în bucățele. Spanacul se lasă la călit până scade, după care se adaugă 2 litri de apă și se lasă la fiert pentru 10 minute din momentul în care a început fierberea. Se potrivește cu sare și oțet și se mai lasă la fiert pentru câteva clocote. Ultimul pas este să adăugăm cățeii de usturoi zdrobiți ori răzuiți pe răzătoare și să presărăm deasupra leușteanul tocat mărunt. Ciorba de spanac poate fi consumată cu mămăligă caldă și ardei iute.

Ciorbă de fasole de post


  • 300 gr fasole boabe
  • A carrot
  • Două cepe medii
  • 100 gr țelină
  • O rădăcină pătrunjel
  • 1 pepper
  • 5-6 tomatoes
  • Pătrunjel verde
  • Oil
  • Sare, piper, boia de ardei.

Ciorbă de fasole

Method of preparation:

Pentru început, fasolea boabe se pune la înmuiat câteva ore în apă rece, apoi se pune la fiert în apă cu sare. Ceapa și ardeii se taie mărunt și se călesc în ulei, după care se adaugă o linguriță de boia de ardei și toată compoziția se adaugă în ciorbă. Între timp se taie mărunt țelina, rădăcina de pătrunjel și morcovul și se pun toate la fiert. Ciorba de fasole se lasă la fiert până când se fierbe complet. Se adaugă și roșiile curățate și fără coajă, împreună cu sarea și piperul. Ciorba se mai lasă pe foc pentru încă 10 minute, pentru a fierbe și roșiile, după care se presară pătrunjel verde tocat.

20 de retete de post pe care trebuie sa le incerci

1. Hummus de casa cremos

Potrivit pentru orice anotimp, indiferent ca vorbim de postul Pastelui sau de cel mai scurt si mai bland, cel al Craciunului.
Invata cum faci sa obtii cel mai cremos hummus pe care il poti pregati in casa (click pe textul subliniat pentru reteta).

2. Varza calita de post din varza murata

Daca obisnuiesti sa pui varza la murat de dinainte de iarna sau chiar daca o cumperi gata facuta, sigur ti-ar placea sa te bucuri de o varza calita traditionala, pregatita la cuptor.

3. Tocanita de ciuperci cu mamaliguta

Ciupercile sunt un substitut excelent pentru carne in perioada postului, si unde mai pui ca sunt si delicioase!
Serveste tocanita de ciuperci pregatita traditional alaturi de o portie zdravana de mamaliga proaspata.

4. Negresa de post

Doar pentru ca nu mananci de dulce nu inseamna ca nu ai din cand in cand pofta de dulce! Una dintre cele mai apreciate retete de post, cea de negresa clasica de post, e usor si economic de pregatit!

5. Pilaf taranesc cu legume

Reteta asta de post nu doar ca intruneste exigentele, dar poate iti va si aminti de zilele copilariei.
Pe atunci, nepotii mancau ce pregateau bunicii, iar bunicii tineau postul cu sfintenie. Astfel, de multe ori ajungeai sa mananci cu pofta chiar pilaful taranesc al bunicii.

6. Clatite de post

Dependent de clatite umplute cu fel si fel de bunatati? Cu reteta asta de clatite pufoase de post nu le vei duce deloc lipsa!

7. Aluat de placinta de post

Daca vrei sa iti incanti simturile cu o placinta proaspat coapta sanatoasa, cu o umplutura precum cea de spanac, iti venim in ajutor cu cea mai simpla reteta de aluat de placinta care e si de post!

8. Bezele de post

Yes Yes! Ai auzit bine. Bezelele se pot obtine si altfel decat din albusuri, iar daca pregatesti reteta de hummus de mai sus, e cu atat mai ieftin sa pregatesti si bezelele astea!

9. Orez cu spanac si mazare

Partea buna cu reteta asta de post e ca nici nu conteaza daca-i postul din primavara sau cel din iarna. E usor sa gasesti ingredientele tot timpul anului si chiar sa le ai in camara cu ceva timp inainte!

10. Mancarica de mazare

Daca vrei sa tii post si sa te hranesti sanatos, e musai sa stii sa pregatesti si o mancarica de mazare, mai ales ca acum o poti avea tot anul la discretie, fie sub forma proaspata, congelata sau la borcan.

11. Briose cu ciocolata

Facem ce facem si tot la dulciuri revenim! Si ca veni vorba de dulciuri, parca niste briose cu ciocolata se potrivesc de minune intr-un top al retetelor de post, nu?

12. Ardei umpluti de post

Pe astia o sa-ti vina sa-i pregatesti si in restul anului, cand vrei o mancare mai usoara pentru pranz sau cina, atat de buni ies!
Nu vei simti ca le lipseste carnea, deoarece condimentele alese si modul de preparare fac diferenta!

13. Gogosi de post – Reteta fara dospire

In 30 de minute ai posibilitatea sa obtii cele mai bune gogosi de post. Cum de dureaza asa putin? Simplu, nu trebuie sa astepti deloc ca aluatul sa creasca!

14. Tocanita de ardei copti

Nu e cea mai comuna reteta de post, insa garantat o vei indragi, odata ce gusti! Partea cea mai buna e ca, daca ai ardei copti pusi la borcane, e cu atat mai usor sa pregatesti mancarica asta!

15. Prajitura tavalita

Asta trebuie sa fie probabil una din cele mai faimoase retete de dulciuri de post. Nici nu-ti vei da seama dupa gust ca prajitura tavalita face parte din categoria „retete de post”!

16. Placinta cu dovleac

Daca ai avut grija sa pui niste dovleac la congelator sau la borcan, cu reteta asta dai lovitura!
Din cateva ingrediente simple pregatesti o placinta taranesca cu dovleac cum nu ai mai mancat!

17. Mancarica de cartofi

E de departe una dintre preparatele de baza in alimentatia romanului in perioada postului. E simpla, dar asta n-o face cu nimic mai prejos, caci iese o bunatate daca o pregatesti cum trebuie. Uite cat de usor e sa obtii cea mai buna mancarica de cartofi traditionala.

18. Ciorba de urzici

E primavara si au aparut toate verdeturile posibile? Profita maxim de ocazie si pune repede de-o ciorba de urzici!
In functie de cum o servesti, ciorba de urzici este sau nu de post, deci ramane la latitudinea ta ce ingrediente ii adaugi.

19. Pate vegetal de ciuperci

Obisnuiesti sa cumperi pate vegetal in perioada postului? Majoritatea produselor contin o multime de ingrediente pe care nu ti le-ai dori in mancare, deci ar fi chiar indicat sa incerci o reteta de casa!
In 15 minute obtii un pate de casa vegetal mai gustos decat orice poti cumpara!

20. Tort de post cu ananas

5 ingrediente ieftine sunt tot ce iti trebuie ca sa obtii un tort intors cu ananas pe care sa il poti servi in timpul postului!

Reţete de post de la Mănăstirea Prislop: Ardei umplut de post


  • 7 ardei graşi
  • 1 pepper
  • 2 carrots
  • 2 onions
  • 150 g of rice
  • 3 tomatoes
  • paprika
  • pepper, salt
  • 50 ml oil
  • 1 tablespoon flour
  • 1 linguriţă de vegeta
  • pătrunjel

Preparation: Ardeii se spală şi se curăţă de cotorul cu seminţe. Din cotor se îndepărtează seminţele şi se opreşte pentru capac. Separat pregătim legumele, ceapă şi ardeiul se toacă fâşiuţe, morcovul se rade. Într-o tigaie punem uleiul la încins, înăbuşim legumele, se adaugă orezul, adăugăm pulpă de la roşii şi se lasă pe foc până capătă o consistentă bună de umplut ardeii. La final, adăugăm sare, piper după gust. Se umplu ardeii şi îi aşezăm într-o cratiţă mai înaltă. Se adaugă apă caldă şi câteva rondele de roşii. Se adaugă după gust o linguriţă de vegeta şi se lasă ardeii la fiert la foc mic. Spre final dizolvăm o lingură de făină în apă şi adăugăm în sos. Sunt gata când zeamă a scăzut şi ardeii au fiert. Se adaugă verdeaţă tocată mărunt. Se servesc calzi împreună cu sos. Good appetite!

Reţete de post de la Mănăstirea Prislop: Supă de cartofi cu pâine prăjită şi usturoi

The mushrooms are cleaned of skins and tails. Then dig well and place on a tray.

Onions should be cut very small so as not to feel too much. Tomatoes should also be cut into small cubes.

The potato will be grated and drained very well. The dill is chosen and chopped very well.

You can chop, if you want, the mushroom tails.

When all the ingredients are ready, you can start preparing the filling.

In a bowl put the onion, tomatoes and mushroom stalks and mix very well.

Add the potatoes and dill and season with salt and pepper. Mix the composition for one minute.

After that, take each mushroom separately and fill it.

Once all the mushrooms are filled, put a little oil in a pan and place the mushrooms.

Bake for about 10 minutes.

Those who do not fast can try this video recipe!


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