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Quebec's Gourmet Foodie Delights Slideshow

 Quebec's Gourmet Foodie Delights Slideshow

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Chocolates at Choco-Musée Erico

Quebec City is serious about its sweets. Left, the gorgeous displays of handmade chocolates at Choco-Muse Erico (pictured), a second floor mini-museum with displays about the history of chocolate and tricks of the chocolatier trade.

Maple and Honey at Les Délices de l’Erable

In a similar motif, Les Dlices de lErable has a tiny museum devoted to maple and honey on the second story, while the first is arrayed with all sorts of artisan maple and honey products. Sample maple caramel, orange, and rum-infused syrup and various candies before stocking up. Theres also an onsite caf serving pastries and coffee (including maple lattes, naturally).

Maple Syrup Sugar Snacks at 'Sugar Shacks'

The traditional way to eat maple if its not a topping, though, is simple as can be. At sugar shacks which crop up around Quebec and indeed, other places around the North East during maple sugaring season (February-May), people pay just a dollar or two for a dollop of pure maple syrup thats been poured on the snow, and then quickly, when its just half frozen, twirled around a stick to make the richest-flavored, most natural lollipop ever.

Baked Goods with Homemade Preserves at Café-Boulangerie Paillard

For something warmer and more filling yet equally sweet, the bakeries of Quebec are probably the best in North America. Unsurprisingly, they borrow most of their recipes and philosophies from the French. In places like Caf-Boulangerie Paillard, customers are hard-pressed to choose between the racks of still-warm, melt-in the-mouth buttery pastries and croissants. Regulars all have their favorite, and many stop by daily for breakfast treats or fresh breads paired with homemade preserves.

Artisan Foods at J.A. Moisan

J.A. Moisan, the oldest grocery store in Quebec City has now turned into a gourmet food shop where shelves are packed to bursting with specialty products. Since it was founded in 1871, it has aimed to offer the finest imports, wine and liquors and true to that, in modern days it tempts with artisan cheeses, handcrafted ales, unusual pastas, and handmade preserves.

Charcuterie at Boucheries

Home chefs can have a heyday in Quebec City, where food shopping includes a trip to a bustling boucherie for charcuterie, game meats, dressed fowl, and just-carved pork, lamb, and beef.

Smoked Meat Sandwich

Dont feel like cooking... or waiting? Simple, fast, and filling, the smoked meat sandwich is a staple of casual Quebec dining. Its a perfect lunch, with crispy French fries and a cold local draft beer.

Dinner at Le Patriarche in Old Quebec

If you want to make an occasion out of dinner, though, there are fine restaurants a-plenty in Montreal and Quebec City. At Le Patriarche in Old Quebec, the chef specialty is painstakingly prepared and beautifully plated "trilogies from le terroir" (pictured left).

Bouillabaisse and Moules Frites at Poisson d’Avril

The waters bounty is as plentiful as the lands, and the regional chefs are equally adept with seafood. Casually but expertly presented, signature dishes at Poisson dAvril include bouillabaisse and moules frites in heaping portions.

Poutine at Chez Ashton

When in Quebec, its any gourmands duty to sample the local staple called poutine. Basic poutine is made of french fries topped with cheese curds and gravy. However, many places have their own version. Chez Ashton (pictured), which is considered to have some of the best poutine in the land, makes half a dozen different kinds topped with chicken, sausage, and veggies.

Humane Foie Gras at A Taste of Yesterday (Au Goût d’Autrefois) Farm

For those with more rarefied taste buds, another specialty of Quebec is foie gras. This decadent delicacy isn’t always guilt-free, but if you get it from A Taste of Yesterday (Au Goût d’Autrefois) Farm on Orleans Island, you’ll enjoy foie gras and other fowl that’s humanely raised and widely considered to be some of the most delicious in the entire province.

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