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Diplomat cake

Diplomat cake

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I soaked the gelatin in a glass of peach compote juice. in the meantime I separated the eggs. I put them in a pan with the sugar, flour, vanilla sugar, grated lemon and orange peels, and finally the milk. mix well and put on the fire, stirring constantly, until it thickens and becomes like sour cream. after the cream has boiled, add the gelatin and the beaten egg whites, mix well and put in the fridge. stir from time to time so as not to thicken at all, just to cool.

whip the cream and mix with the cream, but be careful not to harden, just to cool!

prepare a pan or a tray with removable walls, not necessarily: d, cover with cling film, and put fruit on the bottom. add the cream, then the diced fruit or cujm you want ..and the rest of the cream. on top put the biscuits that first pass through the compote juice. cover with foil and refrigerate for at least 4 hours. ideally from evening to morning: D

Then turn over on a plate or a round plate ..what do you want ... remove the foil and pop!

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