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Courgette flower meatballs

Courgette flower meatballs

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Zucchini flower meatballs recipe by of 01-07-2020

The zucchini flower balls they are a nice idea to serve courgette flowers in a slightly different way than usual. The recipe is quite simple and also quite quick, and the result is really tasty: you will get a quick and tasty second course, a good way to appreciate the courgette or courgette flowers (you can use one or the other) that are so abundant in this time ;)


How to make courgette flower meatballs

First clean the flowers: remove the base (with stem and leaves) and the internal pistil.
Then wash them, dry them and cut them into small pieces.

Put them in a bowl with breadcrumbs, chopped bread and basil, 1 whole egg plus a yolk, cheese and salt, and mix well.

With wet hands, create the meatballs, 4-5 cm in diameter, then pass them in the remaining egg white and then in the breadcrumbs.

Heat a little oil in a pan and cook over medium heat, turning them occasionally to brown them evenly.

Once golden brown, the zucchini flower balls are ready.

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