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Meat Cannelloni

Meat Cannelloni

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Recipe Cannelloni with meat on 05-01-2009 [Updated on 26-04-2018]

THE Meat Cannelloni, typical of Emilia Romagna, they are one of the most popular Sunday first courses. Prepared with a mixture of flour and eggs that will be rolled out and cut into small sheets, the cannelloni will be stuffed, rolled up and covered with tomato sauce and plenty of Parmesan. With their golden and crunchy surface, i baked cannelloni they are the first dish that everyone really likes! Regarding the shape of pasta, there are those who argue that it is a very ancient preparation, which has always been known in the central regions of Italy and in Emilia. THE stuffed cannelloni that I propose today are the first recipe of the year, the one that my mom and I prepared for New Year's lunch. If you will not prepare pasta at home but will buy it (as I did), know that on the various packages of cannelloni buckets it says not to blanch but I prefer to give a small one minute stamp. Sometimes I also add béchamel to the filling but even with the simple sauce it's fine. If you want to prepare some cannelloni stuffed with meat really super, try my recipe and let me know. Good start 2009 everyone!


How to make meat cannelloni

Pour the puree into a pot with a drizzle of oil, add salt and cook for about twenty minutes.
In a pan, brown the chopped onion in a little oil, then add the minced meat; when it is ready, add the white wine.

Salt and add a couple of ladles of tomato puree, then cook until you get a nice thick sauce

Turn off the heat and add 2 eggs, the Parmigianom and mix the filling until smooth.

Then add the diced mozzarella

Blanch the cannelloni for 1 minute in a pan with boiling salted water to which you have added a drizzle of oil (to prevent the cannelloni from sticking).
Lift the cannelloni from the water with a skimmer and spread them out on a dry cloth.
With a teaspoon fill each cannelloni with the meat filling obtained.

Then arrange them side by side on a baking sheet sprinkled with tomato sauce.
Cover the cannelloni with the remaining sauce and sprinkle with grated Parmesan.
Put the meat cannelloni in the oven at 180 ° C and cook for about 30 minutes.

Let the meat cannelloni cool for a few minutes, then lift them from the pan with a spatula and serve.

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