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Nocino liqueur, also called nocillo, is traditionally prepared with walnuts that are harvested on June 24, the day of St. John and must be used whole (without removing the husk) for the preparation of nocino liqueur. This is because the walnut on that day will be ready to use: you will notice it because cutting it will make a bit of resistance.
This is the traditional recipe of my house to prepare nocino, today finally after 2 months of infusion I have prepared it ...
If you want to try this nocino recipe you have to wait for next year, but for now, write down the recipe.


How to make nocino

Wash the walnuts under running water, dry them with a cloth.

Divide each walnut into four parts (please use gloves, otherwise it will be difficult to remove the green of the walnuts from your hands).

Put the walnuts in a large glass jar.

Add the alcohol and finally cinnamon, cloves and nutmeg.

Leave the walnuts to infuse for 40 days, shaking the jar vigorously every week (at my house we leave the walnuts in alcohol until September).

After 40 days, proceed by dissolving the sugar in warm water.

Filter the nocino from the spices and walnuts and pour it into the warm sugar syrup.

Stir the nocino until the sugar syrup and alcohol have mixed completely.

Transfer the nocino into the bottles

Keep the bottles of nocino liqueur in the dark at least until Christmas.

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