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Beans and escarole

Beans and escarole

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Recipe Beans and escarole of of 21-01-2014 [Updated on 11-05-2016]

The bean and escarole soup is a classic of my grandmother, a typical recipe from Campania that dates back to poor tradition, I love escarole, a little less beans, but prepared in this way, they manage to be appreciated by me too. I have rediscovered this recipe in recent years, as a young girl I would turn up my nose when my mama offered us beans and escarole, but today, during the winter I don't mind warming up with a hot soup, so I tried to prepare it for the first time alone and this is the result. So I leave you to the recipe and, given the bad weather these days, I'm going to think of something hot to prepare for dinner. Basins: *


How to make beans and escarole

If you use dried beans, after soaking them overnight in water and bicarbonate, boil them by simmering over moderate heat for 30 minutes.
Once boiled, add a chilli, a clove of garlic, salt and a drizzle of oil and cook for 5 minutes so that they flavor
Clean the escarole by removing the toughest leaves and eliminating the central stem
Wash the escarole under abundant running water, then still dripping with water, put in a pot, cover with a lid and cook for 15 minutes, turning them with a fork

Drain the escaroles, add them to the beans

mix the vegetables with the legumes and leave to flavor over low heat for a few minutes.

Serve the bean and escarole soup

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