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Thermomix sponge cake

Thermomix sponge cake

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Thermomix sponge cake recipe by of 29-05-2012 [Updated on 28-11-2018]

Soft and light, the sponge cake is the most used base in the preparation of filled cakes and desserts of all kinds. With its simple taste, the sponge cake is combined with any type of cream and stuffed with cream, fresh fruit, chocolate and so on and so forth. Being able to use yours Thermomix obviously you will be able to reduce the preparation time of this magnificent base for cakes, thus taking advantage of the time gained to dedicate yourself to its filling and final decoration.


How to make sponge cake

With the butterfly Beat the egg whites for 2 min at speed 3
Set the egg whites aside
In the clean jug, add the sugar and finely grated lemon peel, and set the turbo for 30 sec.
Insert the butterfly and add the egg yolks and 6 tablespoons of boiling water and set at 40 degrees for 1 min at vel 3
Remove the butterfly and add the flour 40 sec at speed 3-5
Then add the egg whites until stiff and the yeast and mix 20 sec at speed. 2 using a spatula.Pour the dough into a greased and floured cake pan and cook the sponge cake in a preheated oven at 180 degrees for about 35 minutes

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