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Sweet shells

Sweet shells

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Recipe Sweet Seashells of of 16-07-2020 [Updated on 16-07-2020]

The sweet shells they are very choreographic sweets, perfect for a party or a special lunch. The recipe itself is very simple, because the peculiarity of course lies in the presentation: they are shell-shaped and are served paired two by two, with a filling of colored whipped cream and a sugared almond to simulate a pearl.


How to make sweet shells

The idea comes from the facebook group of Misya's recipes, where I saw them made with various types of dough, from the one for the soft-based tart to the classic shortcrust pastry. The filling also lends itself to different variations, ricota mousse, nutella or chantilly cream.
Girls, these sweet shells they are too cute, my daughter said they are the mermaid Ariel's sweets, try them too to amaze your little ones and bring summer to the table :)

Start whipping the eggs with the sugar.
Once you have a clear and fluffy mixture, add oil, milk, sifted flour and yeast, and vanilla.

Spread the mixture into 8 well-greased shell molds and bake for about 20 minutes in a preheated convection oven at 180 ° C, then let it cool.

Whip the cream, cold from the fridge, then add a few drops of blue food coloring and mix gently, so as not to disassemble it.

Assemble the sweets, combining the shells 2 by 2 with a little cream in the center, leaving the upper shell a little apart, so as to show the filling clearly (if you have difficulty, combine the shells with a toothpick).

The sweet shells are ready: place a sugared almond in the center of the filling and serve.

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