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Escalopes with mushrooms

Escalopes with mushrooms

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Recipe Scallops with mushrooms of 18-09-2007 [Updated on 01-03-2017]

Scallops with mushrooms are an easy to make and very tasty second course. Their taste is unmistakable, the flavor is strong, especially if you use porcini mushrooms and the texture is creamy, all this makes them one of my favorite dishes. The escalopes with mushrooms at my house they are usually prepared with veal as traditionally or with chicken and serve as a single dish as the meat slices are accompanied by an abundant quantity of mushrooms;) Together with the lemon scallops, they are one of the strong points of my mom, when she doesn't know what to prepare for dinner, pulls out her slices of meat and in a short time prepares a tasty dish that is super appreciated by the whole family.


How to make escalopes with mushrooms

Beat the slices of meat on a cutting board to thin them

Then pass them in a dish with the flour mixed with salt

Melt the butter in a pan then add the meat and brown it on both sides.
Once ready, lift the meat from the pan and set aside to heat.

In the same pan in which you cooked the meat, add a little oil and brown a clove of garlic.

Clean and slice the mushrooms (here the guide) then cook them in a pan

Salt and add the parsley

Now put the escalopes back into the pan with the mushrooms add half a glass of hot water in which you have dissolved a spoonful of flour

Sauté everything in a pan so that the meat blends well with the mushrooms.

Serve the escalopes with mushrooms very hot by adding chopped parsley directly on the plates.

Video: Chicken with Morel Mushroom Sauce - Gordon Ramsay (May 2022).


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