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Fusilli with mozzarella and mushrooms

Fusilli with mozzarella and mushrooms

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Recipe Fusilli with mozzarella and mushrooms of 14-07-2009 [Updated on 28-08-2018]

Here is a nice first course for Vicarella who is a pasta maker.
I saw this recipe for fusilli with mozzarella in my Italian cookbook, but it wore anchovies instead of mushrooms ... brrr! I took the idea of ​​the sauce made only with butter and mozzarella and I adapted it by adding some new onion and making a cream cheese, as well as adding my beloved mushrooms.
In practice I twisted a recipe, but the result was excellent, I even did an encore: P


How to make Fusilli with mozzarella and mushrooms

Sauté the onion cut into icing in a pan with the butter.
As soon as the onion is wilted, add the cleaned mushrooms, add salt and pepper and cook for a few minutes.

Add the Parmesan and, if necessary, a ladle of water.

Mix everything with a wooden spoon.

Meanwhile, cook the fusilli in plenty of salted water. Pour them into the pot with the sauce, add the diced mozzarella and sauté in a pan over high heat.

Pepper and serve the fusilli mozzarella and mushrooms on plates.

Video: Mushroom Sauce for Everything! (June 2022).


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