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Lentil pancakes

Lentil pancakes

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Lentil pancakes recipe of 02-01-2018 [Updated on 08-01-2018]

Lentil pancakes are a quick and tasty appetizer, to bring to the table especially if there are those in the family who do not like legumes very much and therefore need to serve them in a more inviting way to appreciate them. I prepared them with boiled lentils left over for New Year's, and the next day they were brushed with great taste! Even if it is an appetizer, do not lose sight of the fact that these legumes are very nutritious, so try not to combine the pancakes with other too demanding dishes.


How to make lentil pancakes

Drain the lentils and put them in a bowl.
Add the egg, flour, salt, pepper and parsley and mix.

Heat abundant oil in frying pans and, when it is hot, fry the pancakes a little at a time and on both sides.
Once raised, let them dry slightly on absorbent paper.

Your lentil pancakes are ready to be brought to the table.



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