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12-Course Dinner to Benefit Lovin' Spoonfuls Coming Nov. 21

12-Course Dinner to Benefit Lovin' Spoonfuls Coming Nov. 21

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13 chefs, 12 courses, and 3 bartenders will all help out in Overkill

OVERKILL will be an evening to support Lovin' Spoonfuls and build a community over delicious food.

Food brings people together. Whether you are enjoying a meal at home with friends and family, getting to know someone over a drink and snacks at a bar or meeting new people at a food event, there is something so natural in creating a sense of community through the shared enjoyment of delicious food.

On November 21st, this principle inspires the first ever OVERKILL event - a 12 course tasting dinner presented by 13 chefs and 3 bartenders, all in support of one of Boston's favorite charity organizations, Lovin' Spoonfuls.

Lovin' Spoonfuls is a wonderfully sustainable organization that collects and distributes surplus perishable foods from restaurants to community organizations and resources all over the greater Boston area. Food waste is a major problem and huge loss when you consider the many hungry mouths in our city. How do you provide for magical moments over food when there is none? Lovin' Spoonfuls has an answer that is both environmentally conscious and delicious.

With the dynamic energies behind OVERKILL, notably Harvest's pastry chef Brian Mercury and Executive chef Mary Dumont, this event will be full of stellar chefs and amazing food. All proceeds generated from ticket sales (150$ a ticket) and donations throughout the evening will go directly to Lovin' Spoonfuls.

So why not get on board with this wonderful event? Create your own memories over delicious food while supporting the possibility of others less fortunate.

OVERKILL will be held at the Cambridge Boat House on the 21 st of November. The evening begins with a cocktail reception and hors d'oeuvres from Post 390's new chef, Brian Young. Get your tickets is going to be killer!


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