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10 Best Food Magazines From Around the World

10 Best Food Magazines From Around the World

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Before digital food media took off, many people had their go-to print source for the latest food and beverage news, travel itineraries, entertaining tips, chef interviews, restaurant and product reviews, and recipes. These were, and still largely are, the comprehensive guides to the culinary world. Some of the most established still have a strong following despite the online competition, but it’s no surprise that the overall number of print magazines around the world has dwindled in recent years, leaving only the best on today’s magazine rack.

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We’ve rounded up the world’s top food magazines that continue to provide readers with an increasingly rare hard copy. For the most part, these publications have either paved the way for food and drink journalism in their respective countries, or are now part of a generation that is redefining what print food journalism looks (and feels) like in the digital age.

Some of the titles on our list, like La Cucina Italiana, are likely to be more familiar to American readers since they have U.S. counterparts, while others, like South Africa’s Food & Home Entertaining, are probably yet to be on most of our radars. Most of our picks are published in English, but others, like France’s Elle à Table and Germany’s Der Feinschmecker, will require you to exercise your foreign language skills.

Different publications have different policies about shipping internationally, so unless you find yourself in the given country, many of these titles might be difficult to find. Of course, nearly all of them have websites nowadays, but for good reason, these pages usually only serve to complement the physical copy. Some are more recipe-based and others focus on trends and reviews, but all are food- and beverage-driven.

No matter their scope, these print magazines are (or are at least becoming) some of the most respected food publications in the world. They are leading voices in their country for news and trends while playing active roles in shaping a country’s respective culinary practice.

Curious to see what you could be missing? Check out our slideshow for the full list!

The Food Magazines You Should Be Reading

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There's something beautiful about walking around a bookstore and flipping through tangible, printed literature. Especially when it comes to food magazines. The way the images bounce off the page alongside recipes, cultural stories, and interviews is so inspiring, and it's the kind of connection that can't be made when looking through a digital screen.

There are countless culinary magazines still in print, but I can be very choosy with what I want to pull from my mailbox (yes, those still exist.) Below I have listed out the top culinary magazines you should be reading right now.


Steak frites: Grocery stores all out of chicken? Pick up some steak instead and make steak frites, which is a French dish of steak and fries.'s Parisian-Style Steak Frites recipe calls for hanger steaks, some herbs and a few other ingredients. You can either make the fries from scratch with potato, or to make things easier, pick up a bag of frozen ones.

A crepe with whipped cream, strawberries and chocolate syrup. (Photo:

Crêpes: For dessert, whip up some crêpes!'s recipe uses flour, eggs, milk, oil and salt. What do you put on top? The options are endless, from butter and powered sugar to Nutella or whipped cream and fresh fruit. Bonus: You can also make savory crêpes with cheese, meat and vegetables for breakfast, lunch or dinner.

Savor authentic tacos, fajitas and enchiladas, with homemade guac and salsa. Wash it down with a margarita, on the rocks.

Curry in a Hurry

Spice Goddess Bal Arneson demystifies the essential herbs and spices for fresh and flavorful authentic Indian dishes.

Eating the Emerald Isle

Get into the Irish spirit with great Irish-inspired dishes, from soda bread and colcannon to stout-spiked desserts.

A Taste of the Middle East 14 Photos

Learn how to make creamy hummus, crispy falafel, baklava and more classic dishes.

Ooh La La!

Creamy comfort classics and delicate tarts are impressive for entertaining but simple enough for every day.

Vibrant Vietnam 10 Photos

Travel through Vietnam with Luke and uncover savory, spicy street-cart fare and fresh-from-the-sea shellfish dishes.

The Mains in Spain 16 Photos

Fill your pan with the world’s best paellas, stuffed peppers and tapas recipes perfect for your next dinner party.

Diets of the Caribbean 17 Photos

Sunny island flavors abound in this unique collection of tapas and snacks, meaty mains and sweets.

It's Greek to Me

Make the best kebabs, tzatziki, herbed fishes and puffed pastries in the Mediterranean with these Greek recipes.

Ethiopian Eats 11 Photos

Heavily spiced and infused with rich flavor, these recipes provide a delicious starting point for experiencing classic West African cuisine at home.

Grilling Around the Globe 25 Photos

Grill year-round with international flavors and techniques from France, Japan, Mexico and more!

Soothe the Soul 32 Photos

Cozy up with stews, soups and spiced desserts that hungry bellies crave around the globe.

I Dont Know The Way To Cook

It’s a simple recipe to regulate down when you only need to make one pan. If you aren’t cooking it instantly, just maintain the topping separate until Food you are able to put it within the oven. It’s considered one of our hottest recipesand for good cause.

Between its bigger measurement and higher price tag, it could certainly show an intimidating reduce of meat to arrange. But this perfect-for-spring meat is lots easier than it seems — especially when you understand the widespread missteps to avoid. Cakes, brownies, and different batter-based recipes apart, when a recipe requires a separate bowl for whisking a dressing, making a sauce, or tossing together veggies and oil, I look the opposite way Cooking and head straight to the subsequent step. On Team One Less Dish, we’re all about streamlining the cooking expertise, which invariably includes washing dishes and loading the dishwasher. Sometimes consuming certain foods outside takes them from humdrum to “hot damn! ” If you’ve ever had the joys of cracking crabs on a picnic desk or lapping up melting ice cream within the solar, you realize the feeling. It just wouldn’t be the identical expertise should you had been inside.

Culinary Phrases: U

Lena Richard was an African American chef who built a culinary empire in New Orleans in the course of the Jim Crow period. She reshaped public understanding of New Orleans’ delicacies, but her story has never been given its proper due. How are oysters a seasonal food, and how has our relationship with this curious bivalve changed over time?

Dutch food and agricultural scientist, and creator, Louise Fresco, picks five books to help us better understand the food we eat. Reading about wine will not be fairly as fun as consuming it, however might help open up a world of history, geography, science and culture.

Meals That Cook Themselves In Our Smart Oven

“Cooking for kids could be a struggle at one of the best of instances, and I assume we will all agree that these are not the best of occasions,” writes deputy food editor Chris Morocco. But with some help from primary comforting dishes like pizza, roast hen, and tacos, Chris may give his kids what they need, while nonetheless leaving room for the complexity he craves.

Korean Steak Kebabs

Courtesy of Gimme Some Oven

The recipe is fairly simple (music to our ears!), but the kebabs themselves can be served in a variety of ways. Of course, the skewers on their own are delicious, but you can also get creative with the leftovers by adding rice, noodles, or even incorporating them into a salad.

Get the recipe from Gimme Some Oven.

Red Beans & Rice

In Louisiana, I was introduced to the ubiquitous and delicious side dish that is Red Beans and Rice. Apparently, this southern staple must be made on a Monday, which is also laundry day in Louisiana. (Sunday being the Lord’s Day in the state). It’s filling, nutritious and cheap to make. Plus, if you have an Instant Pot, you don’t even have to soak the dried red beans. Trust me: This dish is prime quarantine comfort food! I make a vegan version of this recipe.

—Claudia Laroye

Thom Kha soup with prawns

20 Cookbooks That Will Transport Your Kitchen to Exotic Destinations

Feed your wanderlust &mdash and your appetite &mdash with these delightful cookbooks from around the world.

Whether you're escaping to a luxe seaside resort or a stylish Parisian hotel, spring getaways are always something to look forward to as they signal warmer weather is on the horizon. Unfortunately, most of us missed our spring vacations this year, so we've been leaning on our kitchens to nourish not just out bodies but our wanderlust as well, finding excitement and adventure in cuisines across the globe.

Just as the best travel books, along with art and design book picks from top interior designers, can help stave off cabin fever at home, international cookbooks can transport your taste buds to dreamy destinations around the world. And what better time to stock your home library or kitchen shelves with stimulating books?

Here are 20 of the most celebrated, beautiful, and, of course, delicious international cookbooks. The aromas that will fill your kitchen (served alongside a regional cocktail or bottle of wine, naturally) will help you feel like you&rsquore back in your favorite Thai resort or Spanish tapas bar.

Jacques Pépin is the legendary French chef behind dozens of cookbooks and James Beard Foundation awards. He was also co-host of the wildly popular PBS series Julia and Jacques Cooking at Home with his dear friend Julia Child.

While choosing just one of his cookbooks to highlight is a difficult feat, Essential Pépin is a best-hits collection of his iconic recipes that represent Parisian and rural fare alike. Whether you&rsquore looking to master French haute cuisine or get dinner on the table in minutes, Essential Pépin has a recipe for you.

Dinner in French is the latest release from home-cooking goddess, Melissa Clark. The New York Times food columnist has penned 40 cookbooks that span all kinds of cuisine, but she has a soft spot for France (don&rsquot we all?).

Clark helps translate traditional French cooking into the modern American kitchen with stunning yet simple dishes such as Ratatouille Sheet Pan Chicken and Campari Olive Oil Cake, which has already become a viral hit since the book&rsquos debut in March. Even if you don&rsquot cook a single recipe, you&rsquore sure to get lost in the stunning pages that perfectly capture the essence of France&rsquos capital city and the heart of its cuisine.

We would be remiss to exclude Julia Child from our tastebud travel guide. Though she grew up in California, Child became eponymous with French cooking after moving to Paris with her husband in 1948, where she discovered her passion for French cooking &mdash and for making it accessible to those back home.

Pour yourself a glass of your favorite French vino and immerse yourself in the comforting, delicious recipes of Julia Child in this masterpiece. It won&rsquot take long to discover why this cookbook has withstood the test of time for generations.

Sichuan is the second largest province in China, home to giant pandas, sweeping views at Jiuzhaigou Scenic Area, the Sichuan Opera, and a takeout favorite dish: Kung Pao Chicken.

Acclaimed cookbook author Fuchsia Dunlop revisits the region where her cooking journey began with this stunning love letter to Sichuan cuisine. The photography alone will be enough to draw you in, but the home-cook-friendly versions of Mapo Tofu and Bang Bang Chicken will keep you venturing into the world of Sichuan cooking time and again.

Vietnamese Food Any Day is the latest cookbook from award-winning author and chef Andrea Nguyen. This cookbook is sure to instill a confidence within you that you can create Vietnamese flavors at home &mdash without spending all day in the kitchen.

From popular versions of beloved recipes, like bahn mi and pho, to lesser-known dishes, you&rsquoll wonder why you didn&rsquot start sipping Vietnamese coffee and cooking more of the country&rsquos fresh, vegetable-forward dishes sooner.

Andy Ricker, chef and owner of the highly acclaimed Pok Pok restaurants in Portland, wrote this cookbook to assure you vibrant and bold Thai food can be made at home with ease, no matter your caliber of culinary skills. Recipes like Som Tam Thai (Central Thai&ndashstyle papaya salad) and Khao Soi Kai (Northern Thai curry noodle soup with chicken) leap off the page and help you develop a sense of the country&rsquos unique flavor profiles.

This book is also filled with thoughtful essays regarding Ricker&rsquos travels and experiences in Thailand, proving it to be a true celebration of Thai cuisine, culture, and history.

While you may be lamenting being stuck at home instead of under the Tuscan sun this season, leave it to the one-and-only Marcella Hazan to bring the flavors of authentic Italian cuisine to your kitchen. This highly esteemed cookbook is a love affair with Italian cooking designed to fit all levels of expertise. Plus, this book serves to fit your needs whether you&rsquore looking for lighter fare or an extravagant Sunday supper.

Hazan&rsquos book begins with laying down the fundamentals of a classic Italian kitchen so that you can be well-equipped to cook your way through this book, from the Mushroom, Parmesan Cheese, and White Truffle Salad to asparagus risotto and pan-roasted quail with pancetta.

Yes, that Missoni. This book is every bit as gorgeous and colorful as what you&rsquove come to expect from the fashion house, while also having the substance to make it a worthwhile addition to your culinary repertoire.

This book gives you an intimate look at what life is like for the Missoni family outside of runway shows and photo shoots. You&rsquoll long to gather around the table with the Missonis in the Milanese countryside for Gnocchi Verdi and Pesce Bollito con Maionese, and we're sure it will encourage you to linger a little longer to enjoy every bite of these beautiful and nourishing recipes.

Giada&rsquos Italy offers a local&rsquos look into Italy&rsquos historic capital city while offering a fresh perspective on the country&rsquos cuisine. You&rsquoll learn to stock an Italian pantry and the secrets to la dolce vita in this small but mighty culinary and culture manual.

This stunning cookbook allows you to drift into a Roman daydream while thumbing through dozens of lighter takes on classic Italian fare. From Spaghetti with Chianti and Fava Beans to Grilled Swordfish with Candied Lemon Salad, Giada's Italy is feel-good food you can also feel good about eating.

Pati Jinich is a political-analyst-turned-chef and award-winning TV host whose cooking is deeply personal. Born in Mexico, Jinich comes from a family of lauded chefs and foodies where she learned authentic Mexican home cooking &ndash and helps usher it into the 21st century with Pati&rsquos Mexican Table.

Based on the namesake of the popular PBS series, this book is perfect for health-conscious, busy home cooks who want to test the breadth of Mexican cuisine without consuming blankets of cheese and spending hours on complex sauces. Classic Avocado Soup, fresh tortillas, and Crab Cakes with Jalapeño Aïoli will soon become a beloved part of your culinary repertoire &ndash and make you feel like you&rsquore off the grid in a local beachfront restaurant on the Riviera Maya.

Hartwood is equal parts a glimpse into the history and culture one of the hottest destinations in Mexico right now (Tulum) and a culinary education in the Yucatán peninsula&rsquos rich flavors. It also makes an eye-catching coffee table book.

These recipes stem from Werner and Henry&rsquos namesake restaurant that preserves the simple, elemental principles of Mexican cooking while thoughtfully crafting each recipes to be suitable in your own kitchen. Lentil and Papaya Salad with Lime and Honey Vinaigrette is sure to replace your go-to lunch salad, while Hartwood&rsquos cocktails (mandarin and hibiscus Supernovas, anyone?) will make happy hours even happier.

This drop-dead gorgeous cookbook is ideal for baking aficionados who are looking to expand their pastry prowess with unique, global delicacies. Hetal Vasavada is a former MasterChef contestant and baking blogger who flawlessly melds her culinary expertise with her Indian-American upbringing for bold yet accessible desserts.

The only problem with this cookbook is that every recipe is so enticing, you won&rsquot know where to begin. Might we suggest Vasavada&rsquos Ginger-Chai Chocolate Pot de Crème or Banana Custard Brioche Donuts? The good thing is, you can&rsquot go wrong.

Often referred to as &ldquothe godmother of Indian cooking,&rdquo Jaffrey&rsquos cookbooks are the perfect place to feed your wanderlust and zhush up your weekly menu with exotic yet comforting dishes &ndash and At Home with Madhur Jaffrey is no exception.

While her recipes hail mostly from her home country of India, you&rsquoll also find mouthwatering dishes from nearby locales, like Salmon in a Bengali Mustard Sauce from Pakistan. You&rsquoll also find expertly deconstructed techniques for making Indian classics like aromatic curries and soups, several regional varieties of masala omelets, and many of the flavor-packed condiments and sauces that make the cuisine shine.

Islas will whisk you away on a romantic journey through Spain&rsquos most sought-after beaches and hidden gems with influences from the Italian coast, Sicily, and the south of France. The photography of the recipes, hilltop landscapes, and coastal villages is enough to make you get lost in this book&rsquos vivid pages for hours on end.

Warren is a skillful storyteller, offering you a glimpse into the livelihood of the Spanish islands and the food that sustains Minorca, Ibiza, and beyond. There&rsquos a Mediterranean recipe for whatever you&rsquore craving, be it Torte De Llimón or Gall De Sant Pere (baked fish in a caper-lemon sauce), and it is sure to become a staple in the summer months of dining alfresco.

Sakai&rsquos five keys to her cooking philosophy are freshness, seasonality, simplicity, beauty, and economy, and those translate into every single dish of Japanese Home Cooking. This book is an essential guide to navigating Japan&rsquos iconic food culture and re-creating its authentic flavors with skill and ease.

Whether you&rsquore jonesing for comfort food, like Kenchin-jiru (Hearty Vegetable Soup with Sobagaki Buckwheat Dumplings) or want to try your hand at rolling sushi, Japanese Home Cooking is full of rewarding recipes that also make fun family activities.

Ikaria, Greece, is one of five blue zones: regions of the world where people live the longest and healthiest lives. Kochilas takes a deep dive into the culture, philosophy, and, of course, culinary traditions that make this Greek isle so magical.

This portrait of the original Mediterranean diet offers the Ikarians' secrets to longevit, including fresh, seasonal food, which is sure to drive you to try every recipe in the book, from mezes to main dishes. These recipes are best composed from your farmers' market &ndash or garden &ndash bounty, like Baked Zucchini Fritters with Oregano and Mint. Yamas!

You&rsquod be hard-pressed to find a home cook that doesn&rsquot have a well-loved cookbook written by Ottolenghi in their arsenal, and Jerusalem is one of his best deep dives into the cuisine of the chef&rsquos home city. This cookbook feels the most personal of his impressive collection, and it&rsquos sure to make you want to add Israel to your list of dream destinations if you haven&rsquot traveled there yet.

Jerusalem has fresh and vibrant recipes for every meal of the day, from shakshuka that will put your favorite brunch spot to shame to a crowd-pleasing Chicken with Caramelized Onion and Cardamom Rice. This book is sure to become a sought-after source for wholesome, bold Mediterranean flavors from one of the most revered chefs in the world.

Michael Solomonov was born in Israel and raised in Pittsburgh, where he discovered a knack for helping popularize Israeli cuisine in the United States. This vibrant introduction into the world of Israeli cooking received James Beard Foundation Book of the Year and Best International Cookbook in 2016.

Solomonov artfully highlights how Israel&rsquos unique position on the Mediterranean Sea influences its food and drink with Middle Eastern, North African, and Eastern European flair. Yeminte Beef Soup and Hummus Tahina are sure to please any palate, while Solomonov&rsquos Halva recipe is destined to become a favorite sweet treat.

A vegetarian Caribbean cookbook might seem like an odd choice, but the Jamaican-born Rousseau sisters offer great insight into the plant-forward roots of West Indian cooking. Full of cherished memories and glimpses into the islands that only a native could chronicle, this book offers an education on the beloved islands that millions of visitors flock to every year.

Even if you&rsquore not vegetarian, you&rsquoll find the diverse and creative flavors of the dishes in Provisions will satisfy any palate. Black Bean Plantain Burgers are a festive excuse to take your cooking outdoors while Grilled Pineapple Upside-Down Rum Cake will make even the dreariest day feel a bit brighter.

Wolfert&rsquos intoxicating cookbook will transport you to the mystical Moroccan coast as soon as you open its pages. The Food of Morocco not only delves into historic recipes of the North African nation, but it also teaches techniques for making many the ingredients, spice mixtures, and iconic sauces that make Moroccan cuisine special.

Begin your foray into Moroccan cooking with Avocado Date Milk Shakes and Chicken with Preserved Lemon, Soft Black Olives, and Nigella Seeds. These recipes are sure to satisfy your appetite but will leave you hungry for more ventures into the world of Moroccan cooking.

10 best iftar recipe ideas from top chefs around the world

During Ramzan, Google searches for recipes go as high as they go during Thanksgiving, for it is a festival about fasting as much as it is about feasting. To get the ball rolling for you, we scour the internet for the best iftar friendly ideas we could find. The bonus with this edit is that each of these recipes is curated by a world-renowned chef. From Asma Khan to Nadiya Hussain, pick a chef that inspires you and cook along.

Kolkata-born and London-based Asma Khan has Muslim roots and her cooking is often inspired by her own heritage. This saffron chicken korma has sweet notes of saffron alongside warming notes of garam masala. A refreshing change from Khan’s style, this doesn’t have any Kolkata touches but instead is an out and out Indian subcontinental dish. The yoghurt-based korma can be an iftar table idea or a post-iftar dinner contender. Also, learn how to make paratha from scratch, it’s the best way to make this gravy travel to your mouth.

Popularly known as The Pioneer Woman, Ree Drummond’s recipe section will have you covered for the rest of the month. However, we went straight to her fit recipes section to dig out something on a night you want to eat light. The Greek-style chicken kebabs are lean in terms of their protein content and pack a punch with flavour. So there is no need to rely on a salad post a day of fasting. She serves her kebabs with tzatziki (recipe in here too) and toasted pita for best results. You can work the same recipe with chunks of cottage cheese or tofu, if you’re a vegetarian.

There is nothing chef Yotam Ottolenghi will cook and we won’t want to cook right after, once we are done admiring it, of course. The London-based Israeli chef is deeply inspired by Middle Eastern cuisine and this dish is one such example. The two-step recipe requires you to mix all the ingredients up and just fry the fritters. They are amply flavoured with lots of fresh herbs like dill, mint, coriander and are best served with an even herbier tahini sauce. Bonus, it’s fully vegetarian and requires very little prep time.

It’s not that time of the year if you have not indulged in a good-old plate of biryani. Chef Kunal Kapur teaches you how to make an authentic Hyderabadi biryani from scratch. It’s a classic mutton biryani that is cooked in dum-pukht (in its own steam) style. It’s surely a long one but free of unnecessary steps that you’ll find in many biryani recipes. Instead, it teaches you how to nail this traditional dish by breaking it down into doable steps.

A bisteeya or a pastilla is a North African meat or seafood pie that will give you many reasons to look forward to that iftar time. Martha Stewart teaches you how to nail this baked dish that comes stuffed with chicken that is wholesomely flavoured with saffron, turmeric, parsley and bits of almonds for a bite. A bisteeya is a must-eat Moroccan and Algerian speciality and Stewart’s recipe will transport you to North Africa—we know you need a holiday.

One of the key goals of a good iftar table is for it to be Youtube-worthy. With Nigella Lawson’s classic pavlova recipe in tow, you’ll be able to achieve it easily. The recipe’s perfect for summer since it comes topped with heaps of fresh ingredients—rose, passion fruit and strawberry (although you can swap this for a nice summer berry). The best part is the powerful note of pepper that Lawson adds to give the sweet dish an edgy touch.

If there is one thing we know about Nadiya Hussain then it’s the fact that she is a hustler. She knows how to cook using lesser ingredients, ensures minimal wastage and the food is always a hit in terms of flavours and presentation. She does it even with this recipe. An easy one-dish wonder, the halloumi curry is cooked with a spicy coconut sambol, and it tastes best with heaps of basmati rice.

This year, Ramzan beautifully falls right in the middle of the mango season, so you’ll have so many reasons to add this fruit to your meals. One such dish that is both summer-friendly and mango loaded is Meera Sodha’s mango sorbet. A double cream rich sorbet, this one is more of an ice cream that will be a perfect finisher to your warming iftar meal.

Samosa is to an iftar spread what chlorophyll is to a plant—an absolute essential. Chef Sanjeev Kapoor gives it his spin by making cute cups out of samosa patti and then serving a delicious keema inside it. This canape should be the first thing to be passed around at your iftar party for how convenient it is. Kapoor even recommends a day old keema prep, which he promises will make the dish even more flavoursome.



Gazpacho, which originated in southern Spain, is the perfect way to beat the heat of a Mediterranean summer. This cold soup is made from blending together tomatoes, cucumber, and onions with a variety of spices and olive oil. It also pairs perfectly with a fresh loaf of bread or pita. Simply dip into the soup and enjoy!

Gazpacho is also a fun way to shake up a stagnant meal routine. A cold soup (especially on a hot day) is a quick, easy, and tasty way to cool down. Plus, with all the vegetables, this soup is a nutritional powerhouse, with ample amounts of vitamin C and vitamin A.


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